The Bush Administration and the Resurgence of Fascism:
Escalating Disorders Abroad and at Home

Nipawin - Saturday, February 2, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


It is surprising to notice how confluent our ideas can become as we reflect critically on our experiences.


I have observed the experiences of the global divide between the rich and poor as determined by the Free Market through the policies of privatization and deregulation. We found out how wealth has been concentrating in the hands of big corporations and fortunate sons and how the Free Market has evolved to become an oligopolistic market through the speculative collapses and speculative mergers of big corporations.




As I realized the evolving of a world wide oligopolistic market, where the market share of the corporation is the qualifying distinction rather than costs and needs of goods and services, so I realized the further erosion of society as the corporations became more important than people, as big corporations used their global markets to maximize their profits, as big corporations became the controllers of governments and media.




We identified this New World Order of the Free Market as corporatism and associated the related governmental support to this corporatism trend as Fascism. Yes, I realize now of the further erosion of civil society as Adam Smith's competitive free market is absolutely non sense, we don't have a competitive free market, we have a Free Market dominated by big corporations and their controlled governments, and therefore in the absence of competition we find the entrenchment of Fascism in governments, that is the collusion of the State with the big corporations.




As I refer to President Bush's speech focusing on militarism abroad and security at home I have a gloomy predicament of escalating disorders abroad and at home.