former premier Roy Romanow and Eldon Lautermilch


The white lies of our elitist leadership have become criminal charges:
The Scandal of the Century in Saskatchewan

Nipawin - Saturday, February 9, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"The country is being taken over by the Lying Bastards From Hell, who seem intent on destroying the country in order to save it."

Anonymous, quote found by Mario deSantis while navigating the WWW



I have been saying for a long time that we live in an absurd world. I didn't know what a white lie was until recently, and for your own knowledge, just in case you don't know, a white lie is a lie accepted socially, that is a lie which is clear from possible legal remedy.




We, at Ensign, started with the understanding of our political and business environment in Saskatchewan some three years ago, and we found that our politicians headed by former Premier Roy Romanow were more concerned getting cash for themselves and their friends rather than assist our social and economic predicament. Yes, these people have been laughing and lying all the way to their banks, yet they are free from prosecution as they wrap themselves in the flag and invoke the ultimate BIG LIE: the Free Market.




The Free Market has caused the tolerance for ever bigger white lies at level of society and our governments are now invoking the obsolete economic indicators of the Free Market to show their supposed good work.


Today I have to read an article by demagogue white liar Honourable Eldon Lautermilch, Minister of Economic and Con-operative Development, where this man says that the province did so well in the last decade as the province balanced the budget and experienced the third lowest unemployment rate as many young people continued to run away from Saskatchewan. It suffices to show how decadent the province has become as it is not even possible anymore to have staffed secretaries, library technicians and janitors in our rural schools.


I have been happy of CBC as being one of the few agencies to still able to maintain a watchful eye on the misdeeds of our white liars. However, I am disappointed to hear that the Supreme Court of Canada has negated a CBC's appeal of a $1 million defamation case related to a Fifth Estate report affecting medical scientist Dr. Frans Leenen of the University of Ottawa and Toronto cardiologist Dr. Martin Myers. These doctors accused the investigative report of being malicious, unfair, defamatory and sensationalized, and I find it outrageous how elitist leaders can 'rightly' prove their case for other parties to be malicious, unfair, defamatory and sensationalized, while individual citizens must defend themselves without lawyers against the criminal deeds of this same elitist leaders.


Investigative journalism is threatened in Canada, and now even the CBC will have second thoughts before reporting on despicable scandals across Canada. The CBC has not been sued yet for their report on the Scandal of the Century. In this scandal, journalist Lynden MacIntyre exposed how the justice system failed fourteen adults falsely charged with the sexual abuse of children in Saskatchewan in the early 1990's. The Scandal of the Century reported by the CBC's Fifth Estate has been recognized as an excellent work of investigative journalism and an essential documentation to further individual and social justice in Canada. The Scandal of the Century received the following awards:

  • the Michener award by the Governor General

  • the Justicia award sponsored by the Canadian Department of Justice, the Law Commission of Canada and the Canadian Bar Association

  • the Gemini award


Today, we must be able to advance justice causes all by ourselves, without lawyers as they are either too expensive to afford, or often outright untrustworthy, and even against police forces, and even against governmental agencies. Therefore, let us keep up with our responsibility of citizens and help out the justice cause pursued by the many people victimized in the Scandal of the Century. Richard Klassen is one of the victims of this scandal and we are not talking about white lies here, we are talking about criminal charges in the highest ivory towers of elitist leaders. Donations for this justice cause can be made through:
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