Corporations and Governments are Making Money under No Fault Just Causes:
Foggy Insurance in Saskatchewan and Bushy War against Terrorism

Nipawin - Sunday, February 10, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"Texas must end the frivolous and junk law suits which clog our courts"

by George Bush as he expressed his support for
No Fault Tort Reform as Governor of Texas



We have been discovering our ever changing truths as we have been reflecting on our past experiences and as we have been learning on our day to day living. I became interested in the No Fault Insurance issue in Saskatchewan as I realized at once that the related Dr. David Cassidy's research was a public fraud in the interest of our own monopolistic Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and the corporatist interest of our own Saskatchewan Government.


One conceptual way to describe the corporatist interest of our government is their management obsession to predict revenues and costs for their own sake rather than as means to provide accountable public services. Just to refresh your memory, No Fault insurance is an insurance scheme which limits the common right of people to sue for pain and suffering. We found out that SGI's No Fault Insurance was against the interest of the public as injured people were abused and coerced to follow rehabilitation directives of insurance adjusters/managers. We also acquired an understanding that Dr. David Cassidy's research on No fault insurance was concocted with the assistance of some million dollars of research money donated by SGI.


At first I thought that 'No Fault' was a peculiar Saskatchewan issue centered on the best way to manage and service the public interest in the field of auto insurance; but later, I realized that this 'No Fault' concept was just a world wide scheme to streamline the management of people's claims and limit their rights to sue corporations or governmental agencies. The legislative implementation of the 'No fault' concept provides businesses and governments with 'accurate' predictions of their operations and I found interesting that this concept of No Fault (also known under the term of Tort Reform) permeated the Texas legislation while George Bush was governor of this state.


We understand that President Bush's never ending war on terrorism is a nightmare for all common people; however, this never ending war is an immediate pleasure for the axis Bush/Cheney and their friends as they reap the benefits of their interests in the military and oil industries. The secret for making money is to predict profits, and by declaring a never ending private war (not declared by Congress) against Terrorism the military businesses will have a easy going as they will have fatter contracts and predictable profits.


George Bush Sr. has an interest in the military business Carlyle, and therefore he and his family will be making money under No Fault, that is as to say they make money and they have No Fault, just the same as saying they are making money for a just cause, a never ending war against terrorism. Just for curiosity, we must all know that Carlyle created wealth in the order of $237 million in a single day as they sold their shares in United Defense Industries, the Army's fifth-largest contractor.


Vice President Dick Cheney will make No Fault money as well as he has strong interests in the energy industry. We must know that Cheney was CEO of Halliburton Company and that when he left the company to become Vice-President he got a retirement benefit of some $33 million. The year 2001 was not a very good year for Halliburton as its stock price came down to $8.60 in December from a high of about $49.50 in May. This drop in price could have been related to the granting of too many benefits to Halliburton's executives, but most analysts blame this drop of price to the potential liabilities of Halliburton and subsidiaries arising from asbestos litigations. But there are good news for Halliburton as the stock price has been rebounding in the last three weeks. Last December, the Pentagon awarded a nine year contract to Halliburton and there are speculations that this ongoing contract could be in the order of few billion dollars; also, there are rumors that No Fault initiatives could be legislated which would reduce Halliburton's liabilities arising from asbestos litigations.



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So, the moral of this story is to show that big corporations and their governments conduct business not to service common people but to serve themselves under the No Fault principle, that is making money for their selective just causes. In Saskatchewan, we have the just cause of maintaining a foggy insurance administration, and in the United States we have the just cause of a bushy administration waging an undeclared war against Terrorism.


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