Inside traders:
Terry Hungle of Nortel, Gary Winnick of Global Crossing and Michael Cowpland of Corel


Leaders hide themselves behind the facade of the BIG LIE:
the Free Market
Defrauding Bubbles, Bankruptcies, Mega Mergers, Efficiencies, Innovations, Productivity

Nipawin - Wednesday, February 13, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"You're perhaps the most accomplished confidence man since Charles Ponzi. I'd say you were a carnival barker, except that wouldn't be fair to carnival barkers."

Senator Peter G. Fitzgerald,
as Kenneth L. Lay, former chairman of Enron, invokes the 5th amendment

$1 billion
a day

In his article The Betrayal of Capitalism, Felix G. Rohatyn writes:

"As of the end of 2001 about 15 percent of all shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ were foreign-owned. They had a value of approximately $2 trillion. We must keep in mind that we require about $1 billion per day of capital inflows to finance our trade deficit."


What does Rohatyn mean?
It means so many different things to so many different people, but for me it means that capital inflows (for instance from Argentina) into the U.S. go to further inflate stock prices; it means sustaining the U.S. economy while consumer savings are down and foreign trade deficits are chronic; it means the overvaluing of the American dollar and to devaluing of foreign currencies (for instance Argentina's peso); it means sustaining the U.S. economy while undermining other countries' economy (for instance Argentina).




How integral is the North American financial market?
Big companies use subsidiaries to inflate revenues and hide debts; big companies inflate their profits by not using General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); investment firms and Wall Street traders tacitly (as per Adam Smith's understanding) collude with banks to deterministically and progressively inflate stock prices while senior executives and traders rob shareholders at large; after robbing the public at large senior executives and financial gurus either have their big companies go bankrupt or they arrange for ever bigger mega mergers for the sake of improving efficiency into the economic system. All this robbing occurs under the Gospel of the Free Market, under the claim that the so called increases in productivity is raising the standard of living of people at large, under the claim that we have to save our freedom by waging a never ending war against terrorism.


of life

Economist Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot were right in publically recognizing the bubbles of the economic system and stating that the average American workers experienced a wage increase of 0.5 percent a year in the last 10 years. In the meantime, we have Minister of Industry Allan Rock saying

"Our quality of life has been declining over the past 20 years in comparison with the United States. That's something we have to reverse."

The ignorance and negligence of present leaders is mind boggling!



Today I learn that Gary Winnick founded Global Crossing in 1997, took it public the next year and sold shares worth $734 million before the company collapsed. Today I learn that Michael Cowpland, founder of Corel Corporation, has been found guilty of insider training. Today I learn that Terry Hungle of Nortel is stepping down in the latest insider trading scandal.


We have a social and economic crisis all over the world, yet leaders hide themselves behind the BIG LIE of the Free Market.
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