Premier's Mike Harris, Ralph Klein and Gordon Campbell with their hero


Bush's Alternative Plan to the Kyoto's Treaty and our Copycat Provincial Premiers:
Krugman's Intelligent Common Sense and Bush's Bushy Common Sense

Nipawin - Sunday, February 17, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis

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We have a wonderful economist in Paul Krugman, yet he has been perceived by the soldout media as an economist for sale. Krugman is one of few economists who writes newspaper articles and therefore he brings intelligent common sense economics directly to people. He is one of the few economists who has most of his relevant papers and articles available on the Internet. He is a great economist just for the reason people can learn immediately so much from his ongoing work.




Lately, he has ridiculed Bush's alternative plan to the Kyoto's international treaty to reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming. We all know that president Bush is a manufactured product of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) American machinery and as such, president Bush releases economic policies which are both an invention and byproducts of this GDP machinery. Bush's alternative to the Kyoto's plan focuses on the reduction by 18% in the next ten years of the newly invented economic indicator "greenhouse gas intensity."




The greenhouse gas intensity is defined as volume of gas emissions divided by GDP. Now since the Bush administration wants to reduce this ratio by 18% over the next ten years, and since it is expected that the GDP will increase by some 30% over the same period, then the resulting effect will be an increase of 6.6% (1.30 times .82) in the overall gas emissions in 2012. The Kyoto's treaty set a target for the U.S. to reduce emissions by 7% below the 1990 levels within a decade, but the Bush's plan is a phony plan, while it may reduce the invented "greenhouse gas intensity" by 18% in the next ten years it will increase the emissions by 6.6 percent over the 2002 emissions which are already 14.5% above 1990's levels.


The Bush's plan is a regressive plan as in the year 2012 the Americans will increase their greenhouse emissions by about 22% over the 1990 emissions (1.145 times 1.066). Also, we must know, that while the U.S. continues to be the biggest polluter on the planet, Britain and Germany have reduced greenhouse gases below 1990 levels by 10% and 8%, respectively, while maintaining economic growth.




All Canadian premiers, with the exception of Bernard Laundry of Quebec, are a joke as they oppose Canada's commitment to honor the Kyoto's treaty and join the fabrication of Bush's greenhouse gas emission policies. The more I refer to the provincial economic policies and the more I realize the phony mentality of political leaders to copycat the American policies. What we need is to understand what "intelligent common sense" is, rather than follow the bushy "common sense" peddled by president Bush, and by our copycat premiers such as common sense Mike Harris of Ontario, practical man Gordon Campbell of British Columbia, and clown Ralph Klein of Alberta.


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