British Columbia Budget 2002:
A Fascist Manifesto by Demagogue Premier Gordon Campbell

Nipawin - Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"The Lying bastards from Hell have taken the country and now they are trying to save it."





It was only few days ago that I have been mentioning the hypocrisy of business reporter Brent Jang who would charge the ideological biases of the Saskatchewan NDP governments for not privatizing the provincial Crown corporations while not recognizing the ideological policies demanding smaller governments, deregulations, privatization, and cutting taxes.




We are experiencing trying times where democracy is being eroded by sabotaging the role of government as a social contract to preserve our freedom. Today's dictum that government has to be run like a business is wrong! Government is the only agency we have to protect us from the abuses inherent in an unequal society.




Today I read that the B.C. Minister of Health Colin Hansen is outraged by the fact that as a consequence of health reform Pat Zanon is walking away from her CEO job at the now defunct South Fraser health region with a $700,000 severance compensation. And who has been creating the health reform? And who has been negotiating severance compensations?




Private governments have been creating health reform, and governments have been negotiating severance compensations! And yes, we discovered that governments have become private contractual deals as we began our work, at Ensign, for identifying the roots of our corrupt society in Saskatchewan.



for the benefit
of business

We are right. Our society is corrupt because of the preaching of the gospel of the Free Market; and the preaching of the Free Market has included every political party, every business, every government, and it has not included the participation of common people at large. The Free Market economy is a gambling casino for the benefit of corporations and their fortunate sons, yet leaders contend they work for the people, leaders contend that governments must be run like a business. For sure governments are run like a business as they have become gambling casinos themselves.




In British Columbia, we have hypocrite Premier Gordon Campbell who is running the province like a business, who is outsourcing public services to their friendly businesses, and who is following in the steps of former Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow who downsized the province to greatness and balanced the budget! Gordon Campbell is proud to have increased sales taxes for all people while cutting personal taxes for the rich; he is proud of having fired one third of public employees in three years while his province is experiencing a recession due to a lack of consumer demand; he is proud of lifting a freeze on educational tuition fees while there is a growing need for more public education; he is proud of having a strategic plan to balance the budget in three years while he and his friends retain an obsolete mind set. Now think about this, Gordon Campbell's cabinet includes Minister of State for Deregulation Kevin Falcon.




We must not be discouraged in our efforts to take back our democracy. Many economists are rallying support to bring about the end of the corporate Free Market; and many economists have written letters of disapproval of premier Campbell's economic policies.




While corporations get bigger through mergers and acquisitions and downsize their work force, we have now more economists telling us that an equitable treatment of employees is good for the economy. While governments streamline their administration and privatize their services, we have more economists telling us that this streamlined strategic approach doesn't make sense as economic development is more than strategic planning or science.




I have no reservation in labeling Gordon Campbell's budget a fascist manifesto as his economic policies converge the interest of the government/state with the interest of business at the expense of people.
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