Is there state sanctioned terrorism in Israel?

Nipawin - Thursday, February 21, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"Ariel Sharon said recently he regretted the tragedy of Sabra and Shatila, but asked if he would apologise he replied 'To apologise for what?'"

F. Keane, in "The Accused", BBC-Panorama, 17/6/2001




Our world is experiencing more violence, and we have president George Bush peddling his
freedom around the world by saying that he will not attack North Korea, one of his axis of
evil, while at the same time we have the Pentagon getting ready to unilaterally attack Iraq,
another country of Bush's axis of evil. We are getting involved in a spiral of ever greater
violence as the U.S. increases its military expenditures and as the Pentagon will create its
own Public Relations (PR) unit, the Office of Strategic Influence (OSI), to spread lies
around the world to combat the 21st century new war against Terrorism.




In the meantime, Israel prime minister Ariel Sharon joins Bush's strategy against terrorism
and incites more violence in the Middle East by invading the Palestinian territories with tanks
and by launching missiles against the compound of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in
response to additional suicidal Palestinian bombings against Israelis.




No conventional media has ever referried to the possibility of experiencing state
sanctioned terrorism, and Bush's world wide PR work for an international coalition
against terrorism is further highlighting the real possibility of state sanctioned terrorism.


As democracy has been eroded, it wouldn't be surprising to have governments which
deliberately disinform their citizens; and the creation of the Office of Strategic Influence
in the U.S. is a proof of the covert activities infringing on freedom everywhere. Therefore,
I feel that president Bush is an hypocrite when he says that we must wage preemptive
wars against terrorism to preserve freedom while at the same time he authorizes the
establishment of organizations and the establishment of secretive policies to subvert freedom.


Yesterday, I casually came across the result of opinion polls on the violence in the Middle
East and I realized that Americans overwhelmingly blame the Palestinians for this violence.
However, I must say that the corporate media doesn't report properly the right of
Palestinians to their own homeland and it doesn't report comprehensively the peace
protests in Israel.


Lev Grinberg, professor of sociology at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev,
states that there is and urgently need to stop the cycle of violence in the Middle East and
that there is an urgently need to stop Ariel Sharon's military directions against the
Palestinians. Over two hundred-ten Israeli Army reservists have signed a statement
refusing to serve in the occupied territories rightly belonging to Palestinians. Ilan Feldman,
a reservist who is serving in the occupied territories, says:


Tel Aviv, Saturday, February 16, 2002,
photo by Havakuk Levison/Reuters

"I witnessed some of the not so nice things done over there... even some atrocities... Last time, just a couple of weeks ago, they were shooting at us and when we shot back there were people who were shooting into taxis they saw, and houses, and people who had nothing to do with the shooting at us... If you can locate where the shots came from you shoot back there, but mostly you don't. You're happy with the trigger and you just keep shooting."
  In Israel, thousands and thousands of people have been protesting against Ariel Sharon's
  militaristic approach to peace.

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Yes, there may be such a thing as State sanctioned terrorism but in supposed democratic
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