Where are the criminals Mr. President George Bush?

Nipawin - Monday, March 11, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


President Bush has vowed to cut the financial resources of terrorist organizations and we can have an appreciation of his successful effort to starve the terrorists as Jimmy Gurule, U.S. Department of the Treasury undersecretary for enforcement, says that
"In terms of dollars, $104 million has been blocked both domestically and internationally.... There are 147 countries that have issued blocking orders in support of the designations made by President Bush."



off shore

We must remember that there are terrorists, but that there are also uncivil and criminal corporations in the so-called free nations and that such corporations are not being prosecuted as they should. We must all know that the biggest corporate citizens are setting their head offices in the mailing boxes of offshore countries with no corporate income taxes and that at the same time these corporate citizens are avoiding billions of income taxes. As an example, Rupert Murdoch does most of his business in the United States, Australia, and Great Britain where income tax rates are respectively 35%, 36%, and 30%, however his News Corporation, which includes Fox News Channel, paid taxes at a 6% rate from 1994 through 1997.



stock option
tax haven

Also, American corporate citizens pay their top executive citizens with stock options rather than cash and as a result they pay less taxes than they should. As an example, between 1996 and 1998, Microsoft saved over $2.7 billion in taxes by issuing stock options instead of paying equivalent cash bonuses.


  Further, James Petras, Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University, has stated that


" there is a consensus among U.S. Congressional Investigators, former bankers and international banking experts that U.S. and European banks launder between $500 billion and $1 trillion of dirty money each year, half of which is laundered by U.S. banks alone... As it stands, the U.S. trade deficit is close to $300 billion. Without the "dirty money" the U.S. economy external accounts would be totally unsustainable, living standards would plummet, the dollar would weaken, the available investment and loan capital would shrink and Washington would not be able to sustain its global empire."
  And I ask: where are the criminals Mr. President George Bush?


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