Ariel Sharon and Yassar Arafat


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon:
Think for yourself and don't think for other people

Nipawin - Monday, April 1, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


First of all I subscribe to our societal understanding to have ordinary people accomplish extraordinary feats. If we are all able to be leaders as ordinary people and therefore accomplish extraordinary feats then the closer our societal organization would be to the vision of a better democracy. I don't subscribe to the notion that leaders are the chosen people of a deteriorating ever unequal society as we are experiencing it today. Nor do I subscribe to the notion that people should do the thinking for other people as I found natural the notion to teach my students to think for themselves when I was a teacher, and I found natural the notion to teach my own children to think for themselves at home.




We have a civil war in the Middle East, people are killing each other and blaming each other for these killings. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accuses Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat of being a terrorist and charges that Arafat is an ineffectual and irrelevant leader who is not capable to negotiate a peace solution in the Middle East. As a consequence, for many months the Israeli army has curtailed Arafat's ability to govern the Palestine territories with the hope to negotiate with a friendlier Palestinian leader.




My understanding is that Prime Minister Sharon has no right for choosing a friendlier Palestinian leader other than Yasser Arafat. As Yasser Arafat is concerned he has shown to be the leader of the Palestinian people as expressed today by the international community with the exception of the Israeli government and the Bush administration.




Today, Yasser Arafat is isolated and under the guns of Israeli tanks, but equally so the Israeli government and the Bush administration are isolated within the voices of the international community.
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