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Nipawin - Friday, April 5, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"They deem him their worst enemy who tells them the truth."




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I feel so upset by our current events and my writing style is so dry that I find difficulties in expressing myself. I started writing few of my stories and opinions in Ensign and looking back I find how our learning has been progressing consistently for the better. I remember I started four years ago with an article on unconventional wisdom and then I was driven to write about system thinking and system dynamics as the only way to understand better our daily realities, realities which are continuously distorted by the corporate media, by the private governments, and now more and more by private health care, private education, and private governmental armies. The corporate controllers are predicting our future and they are steering their agendas to meet their predicting private future.



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My conclusion is that we must change our way of (linear) thinking and we must diminish this widespread brainwashing of instant democracy by the way of opinion polls findings, and we must reduce this continuous emphasis on statistical correlation research to have our pseudo scientific researches taking over the intelligence of our democracies. It is my understanding that we are experiencing wars, poverty and hunger because of the reluctance of our fortunate sons to let us think for ourselves, because of their reluctance to let us reflect on our past experiences and mistakes, because of their reluctance to let us think critically and systemically for the benefit of us all.




Sometime ago I mentioned how the book Fortunate Son was taken out of circulation because of the blackmail exercised by the Bush electoral machinery and how author J. H. Hatfield committed suicide as he was driven to despair. I bought the book Economics A New Introduction by Hugh Stretton and I found out that the author had to go through seventeen rejections before having his book published by Pluto Press. Many publishers have discounted Stretton's book not for its valuable content in reflecting our economic realities but for its marketability as it was going against the autistic conventional economics dominated by the Chicago School of Economics.




I ordered the book Debunking Economics: the Naked Emperor of the Social Sciences, by Steve Keen and published by Pluto Press, some eighteen months ago through Amazon, and they kept me sending e-mails saying that the book would have been available at certain later dates. I got the last e-mail from Amazon about two months ago and they stated that Keen's book will not be marketed at all. Michael Moore wrote the book Stupid White Men and he has explained how his own publisher refrained from distributing his book as Moore was not very sympathetic to the private causes peddled by president George Bush.




Enough is enough-to paraphrase president Bush's new face in the Israeli-Palestine conflict-but it is a fact that our democracies are being undermined by the evidence manufactured by our governments and by the legislation concocted by our governments to make our supposedly owned governments more private at the expense of the public good.




For example, the UN Human Rights Commission has just voiced the concern that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is interfering with the judiciary in order to have executive control of the justice system and therefore avoid prosecution for his bribery charges. And now, the media tycoon Berlusconi is poised to have a more flexible, anxious, more malleable and fearful Italian work force by introducing Free Market legislation to have people autistically fired from their jobs for no reason just as in Canada or the United States. This is happening when we have the realization that we have the capacity to over-overproduce while continuing economic policies of inequalities and corporate welfare.




If you want to know the truth there is another book published by Pluto Press: THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY, but be careful, author Greg Palast can be an enemy of president George Bush.
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