Brian Mulroney, George Bush the First, and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi


Is George W. the Chief in Thief?

Nipawin - Monday, April 22, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


Our global economic system, and consequently our own most developed 'democracy' are run by big corporations, fortunate sons, and sold out governments. We had a taste of president Bush's patriotism by mentioning his participation in the never ending war on drugs and money laundering, and now I have in front of me the headlines reported by two recent edition of TheSaskatoon StarPhoenix, . One headline says "Canada's dead come home" with respect to the four Canadian soldiers who died because of friendly fire from an American fighter plane while fighting terrorism in Afghanistan, and the other headline says "Billions mishandled: auditor". You can understand the clarity of my understanding as I ponder on our patriotic contribution to fight terrorism while government use their visible hands of the Free Market to look after their own pockets.


I bought the book "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore, a book which has been number one for over one month in the New York Times best sellers non-fiction list and which is in its fifteenth printing. On the inside cover of the book I find the characterization of the president as "George W.: THE THIEF-IN-CHIEF. A TRESPASSER ON FEDERAL LAND, A SQUATTER IN THE OVAL OFFICE, SEND IN THE MARINES!"



We have been questioning the double talking of president Bush in envisioning the future of a Palestinian state while the Middle East conflict causes so much devastation and deaths for both sides, Israelis and Palestinians; and we have been questioning the patriotism of president Bush as his foreign policies appear to be driven by the Bush administration interest to make money out of the Free Market of oil and the Free Market of wars.

Greg Palast, an American journalist who moved to England because he found difficulties for having his investigative work published in the United States, has written the book "The best democracy money can buy" which is now number thirty-one in the New York Times best sellers non-fiction list. In this book, Palast contends that Gore lost the presidency to Bush as Florida Secretary of State's Katherine Harris, removed 57,000 African-American voters under the excuse that these people were supposed felons (but mostly democrats). Also, it is interesting to notice that Palast's book has been published by Pluto Press, the same publisher who helped Hugh Stretton to publish his book "Economics: A New Introduction" after some seventeen rejections.


Is George W. the Chief in Thief as reported in Michael Moore's book? I really don't know, but I get so disturbed as I find out that Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi helped Canadian Peter Munk to set up the gold mining company Barrick. Khashoggi was implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal, was bailed our from jail as Munk provided the $4 million bond; and Khashoggi was later pardoned by President Bush senior as he left office.

arms dealer

Now listen to this story: former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney along with George Bush senior are directors of Barrick, George Bush senior has interest in the arms dealer Carlyle Group, and at one time both the Bin Laden family and Khashoggi were involved in the Carlyle Group.


We live in a scary world, where the elitist greed is represented by our governments, and this greed appears to be camouflaged either with the Free Market or with the war against terrorism.
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