The Free Market of Corporate America:
Raping developing countries, waging wars and sustaining tyrannies

Nipawin - Monday May 6, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis





While Canadian politicians, businessmen and bankers are getting cozy with the possibility to eventually embrace the American dollar I must say how wrong and hypocritical these Canadian leaders are. Our leaders contend that the American neoclassical economic system of the Free Market is the best in the world, yet they preach the Free Market for their own special elitist vested interest at the expense of ordinary Canadians.

This is the American Free Market (and therefore the Canadian Free Market), stealing from the rest of the world and be thanked from the corrupt political and business leadership of rest of the world. The American economy steals for example from Argentina as the elitist corrupt Argentinians invest into the American economy using the same money they get from the International Mmonitory Fund, the World Bank and other international banks; yet the righteous and priestly Bush administration blames Argentina when the real evil doers are: Corporate America, the greedy elitist corrupt Argentinians, and the greedy international banking system.



US dollar


The American dollar should be devalued to help the global economies of the rest of the world, instead the Bush administration strengthens the American dollar by continuing to steal from the rest of the world and by engaging into an enduring world wide war against terrorism.

The Jubilee Research programs sponsored by the New Economics Foundation of London has pointed out that

"the US, with a population of 271 million is also the world's largest debtor, owing $3.7 trillion to the rest of the world. This is more than what the total population - 4.5 billion of all developing nations owe to the rest of the world - $2.6 trillion."


In addition, the United States has a chronic international trade deficit in excess of 4% of its GDP, and this trade deficit occurs in the absence of domestic savings and with the assistance of foreign direct investments. So what is happening is that while the strong dollar allows Corporate America to raid foreign public utilities, foreign businesses, and foreign properties through the gospel of the Free Market, this same money goes back into the United States as foreign direct investments. If you think that the United States is a benevolent country you must rewire your brain as the United States has one of the lowest donation rates for assisting developing countries.



There is no moral ground whatsoever to have the gospel of the Free Market preached by the compassionate President George Bush, and this is why Corporate America is a bully, and this is why the Bush administration is ever increasing the military power of the United States, and this is why the Bush administration is engaging into an enduring world wide war against terrorism under the banner "with US or against US."

  Reporter's Notebook from Argentina, by Jon Hillson, New York Transfer, April 24, 2002. Argentina has a foreign debt of some $142 billion. According to ClarÌn, a prestigious bourgeois daily, and the Los Angeles Times, the Argentina ruling elite has spirited $106 billion out of the country to foreign safe havens and an additional $30 billion in untouchable securities.
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