The demented and patriotic mind set of Royal Bank CEO Gordon Nixon:
A strong Canadian dollar increases competitiveness, sovereignty and quality of life

Nipawin - Thursday, May 9, 2002
by: Mario deSantis

"With common sense we are neither gods nor demented"

John Ralston Saul

We have shown in a previous article that the United States is not really a generous country for assisting the development of poor countries. We also found that the American dollar is propped up by a greedy Bush administration as the United States is the world's largest debtor owning $3.7 trillion to the rest of the world and as the country experiences a

  chronic foreign trade deficit in the order of 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).



What is happening in Canada is ridiculous, we have a propped up American dollar and our financial gurus are complaining that our Canadian dollar must be strengthened. Canada has been experiencing a favourable foreign trade of goods while at the same time experiencing the same harmful proportion of foreign debt to GDP as the United States.



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In these circumstances, we should not feel any worry about our own dollar being weak, but this is not the case for Gordon Nixon, chief executive of Royal Bank of Canada. It is my understanding that while Nixon waves the Canadian flag, he really wants Canada to become another state of the United States as he preaches the "uber alles" gospel of a strong Canadian dollar while we all know the artificial strength of the American dollar. At a recent meeting of the Canadian Club in Montreal, Nixon pointed out how so many domestic companies were being taken over by American firms and stated that


"the decline in our dollar has been one of the contributing factors to an issue of extreme importance to our competitiveness, sovereignty and quality of life that is often referred to as the 'hollowing out' of corporate Canada."




We live in a confused world, the global economy has become a gambling casino, and we are all losing our minds and our sovereignty as the power of money and the power of guns take over the power of people and the power of democracy.




I am asking, what is at the root of the weak Canadian dollar?




One answer is the artificial propped up American dollar, but let us not forget the chronic corruption of our Liberal government along with our business run provincial governments.
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