Condoleezza Rice

The Lying of the Bush Administration on 9-11:
The Apex of Corruption

Nipawin - Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"On August 6, the president received a presidential daily briefing. [This] was not a warning briefing, but an analytic report... I want to reiterate: It was not a warning. There was no specific time, place or method mentioned"

National security adviser Condoleezza Rice, May 16, 2002




"Dear President Bush:
On September 11, or maybe September 12, I plan to hijack several airplanes and fly them into a building or two in lower Manhattan, and maybe a military facility of some sort in Northern Virginia. Consider yourself warned. Yours sincerely, Osama"

Michael Kinsley, The Hindsight Saga, SlateMagazine, May 20, 2002



We have developed a culture of lying, and this has been my first thought as I read the article "Deny it" by Paul Corrigan. I never thought that lying, and therefore corruption, was to become embedded into our Free Market of making money with money.




Corrigan's article makes a lot of sense to me and indirectly it would be worth while for everybody to learn of the endemic social problem of lying. Corrigan says that lying is institutionalized as in schools students are evaluated by their "grade point average" rather than the substance of their work and their ability to think, and as corporations want workers who lie and cheat.



and Priests

Corrigan is really upset about democracy as American leaders have been lying under oath: President Ronald Reagan and President George H. W. Bush in regard to the Iran-Contra scandal, Jeffrey Skilling in regard to the accounting frauds at Enron, Cardinal Bernard Law in regard to the widespread sexual scandals in his diocese of Boston, and President William Jefferson Clinton for saying
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman."




Today, we have reached the apex of corruption as President George Bush Jr. and his administration are all lying in regard to their prior knowledge of the events leading to the 9-11 attacks.



and guns

I ask myself how we can ever have peace if we have a culture of lying. We must replace this culture of lying as this culture of lying is a natural consequence of the so-called Free Market. In the Free Market, we make money with money and therefore we use money to divide the rich from the poor; in the Free Market we use the power of money to fight a lie with a bigger lie, and eventually in the Free Market we use the power of money and therefore the power of guns to fight violence with violence.




Everybody in the Bush administration is predicting future terror attacks on a scale equal or larger than the 9-11 attacks, and this is not a surprise to me as the United States is experiencing a war based economy characterized by the absurdity of being the highest foreign debtor in the world at $2.3 trillion, by the absurdity of having a chronic annual foreign trade in the order of 4% of its economy, and by the absurdity of running a governmental deficit.




I agree with Corrigan's contention that lying is our main societal problem and I am of the opinion that the Bush administration is taking the world to a precipice as a result of their continuing lies and consequential domestic and foreign policies. But our neoclassical Canadian economists, including Royal Bank CEO Gordon Nixon,were happy yesterday May 21, 2002: the Canadian dollar bursted through 65-cent US level!
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