Stephen Harper, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien


The Nuttiness of the Canadian Political and Economic Thoughts

Nipawin - Sunday, June 2, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




It was only few days ago that I wrote of the importance of personal productivity and respect for people as the main drivers for our social and economic development. We pointed out that corporate productivity doesn't make any sense to intelligent people and in fact Industry Canada specifically writes
"Productivity is difficult to measure because outputs and inputs are typically quite diverse and are themselves hard to measure."




However, we have this Industry Canada along with most of our Canadian economic gurus focusing our economic development and growth on the so called productivity (average GDP extracted per average person per average hour worked).




We have politicians and economic gurus who are nuts!




We have nut Canadian alliance leader Stephen Harper praising the Mulroney's years as we are experiencing a nepotistic and corrupt liberal administration led by PM Jean Chretien, and we have a nutty research by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards contending that the growing gap in the Canada-US income is primarily due to the increased productivity gap.




We have been writing so much about the absurdity of the war economy of the United States characterized by chronic foreign trade deficits, a growing foreign debt and a current governmental deficit, yet our political and economic gurus have no independent creative thinking and take the American Free Market as a blue print to copycat.
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