The Canadian Economy and Changing the Value of the Free Market:
from GREED to RESPECT of Any People and Any Country

Nipawin - Thursday, June 6, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




The fundamental social and economic problem is the Free Market on behalf of the big corporations and their fortunate sons.



of living

In Canada, the political and economic gurus have always defined economic growth in terms of the American economic experience. These gurus, be liberals or conservatives or reformers, have been saying that in the last some thirty-five years our Canadian economic performance has deteriorated at the same pace as the Canadian dollar has deteriorated with respect to the American dollar.




We must understand that one country's economy can grow even though its currency could lose its relative value to another currency, and the fact that there is a statistical correlation between the loss of the Canadian dollar (with respect to the American dollar) and the deterioration of average economic performance is more a matter of our lack of independent critical economic thinking than a matter of economic policies; after all the Free Market has played a leveling field for every country, and this leveling field has been characterized by what Paul Krugman calls GREED, that is social inequality at home and abroad.




Now think about the absurdity of an economic growth, especially in the last ten years, for an already developed country such as the United States or Canada based on foreign investments from other poorer or undemocratic countries. The United States can get away with it (and at the expense of other countries) since it is the hyper economic and military power of the planet.




In fact, the United States behaves like a bully; and when in economic trouble, such as at this time, it can use its war machinery to destroy in a pre-emptive strike any rouge country of the planet and later, paradoxically, be thanked for rebuilding the same destroyed country.



catch up

Canada is not the United States and cannot wage unilateral wars when its economy is in trouble, and therefore, the continuation of its economic direction reflecting the value of GREED of the Free Market over the value of social growth will never allow Canada to catch up with the productivity growth of the United States and their average standard of living.




The continuation of economic policies copycatting the American value of GREED of the Free Market (productivity growth and average standard of living) will only allow Canada to eventually become part of the economic and social fabric of the United States.




What we need is a change of value of the American Free Market, from GREED to the RESPECT of economic and social development of any people and any country, from a war based economy to a peace based economy.