President George Bush at Iowa Pork Convention


President Bush's Trickle Down Economics
and his Speech to the Pork Producers

Nipawin - Sunday, June 9, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"government of the people, by the people, for the people"

Abraham Lincoln (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, November 19, 1863)



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The economic policies supported by the Bush administration are a nightmare and they only appease the ongoing short term interests of the big corporations and their fortunate sons. President George Bush has recently addressed the pork producers in Iowa and his address was a distillation of his presidential agenda to carry on with the gospel of the Free Market system preached by Nobel Laureate Melton Friedman. In this speech to the pork producers, President Bush exults the god of MONEY as he says:

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the best way to make sure we've got a strong farm economy and to make sure our economy recovers from the recession is to let people keep their own money. I believe that when you let a person keep his own -- his or her own money, they're going to spend it. And when they spend it, it increases demands for goods and services. And with an increase of demand for goods and services, somebody has got to produce that good and service. And when they produce it, it means somebody's going to find work.




As I read the above excerpt, I immediately thought of the so-called Trickle Down Economic theory focused first in making the rich richer and then letting the trickled down crumbs help the ordinary people. A fast search of the words "trickle down economics" on the Internet took me to the web site managed by Robert Morton and I was captivated by Morton's explanations of today's Free Market and how this Free Market has affected his life.




We must understand that Bush is making American farming stronger through $190 billion subsidies over ten years. But Senator Fred Thompson has stated that such subsidies
"make farmers increasingly dependent on government subsidies. These policies defy logic and they defy the most basic laws of economics"
while Franz Fischler, spokesman for the European Union, has stated that
"farmers will bring marginal land into production to farm the subsidies."



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In this speech, president Bush also prides himself of the $1.35 trillion tax relief package he signed in June 2001, and not happy of having repealed the inheritance (death) tax he now wants the full death of this death tax. The Citizens for Tax Justice states that
"More than half of the Bush tax cuts enacted last year that are scheduled to take effect after 2002 will go to the best-off one percent"
while William H. Gates Sr. (father of Bill Gates, co-founder Microsoft) questions the fairness of the death of the death tax by asking the question
"Is it unfair to tax the accumulated wealth of the richest one percent of households?"




President Bush is not for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. President Bush is for a government supporting the best off one percent.
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