Dr. Lynne Cheney at the Smithsonian, demonstrating the folding of the US flag.


America's Bushism with the Cheneys:
Defending Civilization and Patriotism

Nipawin - Wednesday, June 12, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




Most of our problems are ones of communication, and today I learn that Dr. Lynne Cheney, the wife of Vice-President Dick Cheney, has written a book for children in order to defend American Civilization and American Patriotism.




The word civilization reminds me of our responsibilities to behave civilly to one another, while the word patriotism reminds me of our misbehavior to wage wars and produce heroes. We live in paradoxical times and the mixing together of the concepts of civilization and patriotism contributes to the further alienation of our social comprehension.

Viet Nam

National Guard

Sept 11

During four years George Bush was in the Texas National Guard he served 21 months on active duty.

Cheney's book is titled America: A Patriotic Primer and at this time of a never ending war against terrorism it will be a resource to teach the alphabet and inculcate American patriotism in the minds of children. Cheney begins her book with the letter A which stands for America, then she goes on and on to say that F is for Freedom, P for Patriotism, R for the Right to Bear Arms, and V for valor as shown by the American soldiers in Viet Nam.

Again, we live in paradoxical times and if you want to have an understanding of the patriotism shown by Vice-President Dick Cheney and Commander in Chief President George Bush Jr. it is enough to say that they both avoided their tour to Viet Nam; Dick Cheney by claiming four student deferments plus the final deferment as an expectant father, and George Bush by joining the National Guard and
disappearing from history between the years 1972-73.

But this is not all. Today I watched the movie while President Bush was at Emma Booker School in Florida as the September 11 attacks were occurring and I was flabbergasted by the behaviour of the Commander in Chief as he practically ignored what was happening beyond the walls of the school.



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