Fraudulent SGI and the Sapping, Sacking and Downsizing of Saskatchewan

Nipawin - Tuesday, June 25, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




I feel disturbed at the realization that greed and power are so entrenched into our way of life that it appears impossible to change this way of life for the better. I felt at one time that a different political party coming to power would bring the needed changes, but that didn't happen and as a consequence I began to understand that our social problems were rooted in our wide spread corruption in politics, in business, everywhere.




This social corruption is so embedded and polished in our way of life that we can even fall into the trap to feel socially inadequate because of our own shortcomings. But nobody is perfect, and the reality is that we all have shortcomings, yet social leaders profess to be of utmost professional integrity, they have become specialized experts: these gurus, suggest there is no need of democracy anymore.




It took some ten years for Saskatoon policeman John Popowich to prove he was wrongly prosecuted in the supposed ritual child sexual abuse in Martensville in the early 90s, and David Milgaard spent twenty three years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Our Saskatchewan justice system is corrupt, and I laugh when Dr. David Cassidy uses fraudulent correlation researches to support the No Fault insurance program of the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), while there is no social scientist in sight conducting studies correlating the corruption of this government, the corruption of the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations, the corruption of our educational institutions.



a grant

I followed the inept policies of former Economic Development Minister Janice MacKinnon and now I hear that she has received a university grant to write a book on her Saskatchewan political experiences.



SGI lies

Lorie Terry, spokesperson for the Coalition Against No Fault Insurance, has been working so hard against the fraudulent and corrupt behaviour of SGI and she is still at work fighting for No Fault insurance and against the lies of Larry Fogg, president of SGI.




Yesterday I received an e-mail from Timothy Shire, Publisher of Ensign, and he pointed out that the recent revelations of SGI's spying on their claimants and SGI's administrative abuses were already amply documented two years ago in Ensign and he feels outraged that these issues are even being discussed today. But I am not outraged by these spying revelations and administrative abuses as I know that this province has been 'sapped' and 'sacked' and finally downsized to greatness by health care emperor Roy Romanow.
  Note: The author used the word 'sapping' and 'sacking' as reference to the embracing of the SAP computer systems and SAIC technologies by the Government of Saskatchewan
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