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Trying to understand President Bush's Imperialism

Nipawin - Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"How much personal stress--and, some argue, increased inequality, which may be a byproduct of a highly competitive, high-octane economy--have we as a nation chosen?"

Alan Greenspan, March 13, 2002




We are experiencing chronic human rights atrocities in the Middle East and I just want our readers to reflect on this simple quotation expressed on June 24 by President George Bush:
"When the Palestinian people have new leaders, new institutions, and new security arrangements with their neighbors, the United States of America will support the creation of a Palestinian state."
We need to think for ourselves. It doesn't make sense to have a provisional Palestine state with the blessing of nearby undemocratic countries.




I cannot explain what is obvious to ordinary people and so it is up to our readers to appreciate the acumen of this unelected American president who is running the country as he ran his oil business Arbusto, that is in partnership with the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia. Just amazing, isn't it?




Further, I want to challenge our readers in trying to understand the implications of the following and simultaneous U.S. economic phenomena:
  • a chronic foreign trade deficit in the order of $400-500 billion per year
  • the need of importing an additional $1.5 billion of capital every day to sustain the foreign trade deficit
  • as a consequence of the 2001 Bush tax cuts, the best off one percent will be receiving tax cuts of almost half a trillion dollars over the scheduled ten year period.
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