Bernard Ebbers fired head of WorldCom and Martha Stewart


Correcting the dislocations of unbridled capitalism:
stopping the use of assets at the expense of people and comparing apples with oranges

Nipawin - Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein




It is not an easy proposition, but if we want a better world our so-called democracies must disassociates themselves from the power of money and the power of greed. Democracy is not an expression of going to the poll and elect our political representatives. Democracy is an expression of our social responsibilities for our common good, and democracy must not be an expression to advance our own selfish greed and the power of money.



of others

The power of money and the power of greed have caused critical dislocation in our capitalistic democracies and such dislocations cannot be rectified following the same and ongoing mindset to chase money and wealth at the expense of others.




We have in other stories point out the detrimental effects of dogmatic economic policies of cutting taxes. We must all understand that while cutting taxes may be perceived as an economic bonus for everybody on the economic stream, in reality cutting taxes is another gimmick of the neoclassical economic apostles to redistribute wealth from the poor or less rich to the richest.




We have serious dislocations in our social and economic system, and such dislocations cannot be remedied by finding solutions to our narrowly focused problems. We must be able to learn how to compare apples and oranges, and this kind of understanding is difficult to appreciate when in our daily life we are reminded to compare apples with apples, or oranges with oranges.




Cuba has a relative excellent social health care system while being a poor country, however some forty-three million Americans have no health insurance while the United States experiences the highest health care costs in the world. Faced with a proposal to save the lives of eight million people per year, the Bush administration prefers to repeal the estate tax and leave no heir behind.




Canada is presently contemplating the donation of some two hundred million dollars to developing countries, however it is spending a comparable amount to host the G8 meeting at Kananaskis in Alberta.




Yesterday we got to know that Martha Stewart could be charged with inside trading and today we learn that World Com transferred $3.8 billion in expenses into their assets in what may be the highest fraud ever executed by accounting gurus. We must stop the use of our assets at the expense of ordinary people.




And we must forget about the inflated big heroes, we must forget about the inflated big corporations, we must forget about the inflated egos of the politicians, we must forget to compare apples with apples. Instead, we must learn to appreciate ordinary people, we must learn to appreciate our ordinary family businesses, we must learn to appreciate our servant politicians, we must learn to compare apples with oranges.
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