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The deplorable facets of public relations and opinion polls:
Manufacturing the correlation between political dogmas and people

Nipawin - Sunday, August 11, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis

to the core

It is my contention that our economic and social system is corrupt to the core and that no one can trust President George Bush and his gang to reform it.




In our writing we have always pointed out that our big corporations are corrupt and that the welfare of corporations has taken over the welfare of people at large.


The root of this social corruption is not to be found as George Bush says in the few bad apples of the economic system as he is a bad apple himself. The root of the problem is that the value of money has replaced the value of people, and as a consequence politicians are elected who follow their interest of money rather than the interest of common people.


Politicians have become subordinate to the vested interests of big corporations rather than the interest of common people and in so doing they have become void of any critical thinking.


A few days ago journalist David Espo of the Associated Press obtained a 280-page campaign primer for Republic candidates running for the House. This campaign primer includes the answers to potentially troubling questions. This reminds me of our Saskatchewan health care gurus who have all the answers at the right time and at the right place while running to the bank. Anyhow, these are the right answers to troubling questions provided to the Republican candidates:




If challenged on school vouchers, the suggested response is, "I'm not going to engage in class warfare. The real issue here is opportunity."


If asked about the deficits in the Bush administration's budget, the suggested response is, "Don't be afraid to hit back hard. The fact is that circumstances such as the attacks of Sept. 11 have forced the Congress and the president to increase spending to protect the nation. There is hardly anyone who will disagree with this fact."


"When discussing Medicare, be careful to choose your terms carefully," Republican strategists advise. "Always emphasize that you will: preserve Medicare, protect Medicare, strengthen Medicare. ... Never use the word 'privatize' when referring to Medicare modernization or reforms."

no reason
not to kill

As the political system is corrupt and subordinate to the interest of big corporations rather than the interest of people, so the justice system tends to be corrupt in defending this system against the innocence of common people. In this regard it is worth pondering the profound meaning of this statement by justice Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court:
"Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached."



PR &

So as the political and justice system have been taken over respectively by the interest of inhuman big corporations and inhuman judges so is the loss of freedom as politicians make their decisions by using public relations/disinformation and by therefore manufacturing the correlation between their dogmatic agendas and the results of deplorable opinion polls.
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