No Fault in Saskatchewan:
Lorie Terry publishes an article on insurance research and medical ethics

Nipawin - Monday, August 26, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




Lorie Terry, spokesperson and researcher for the Coalition Against No Fault Insurance, has just published an article in the Pain Research & Management journal. In this article Terry outlines the faults of No Fault insurance in Saskatchewan and describes how our Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) dictates unethical and coercive rehabilitation programmes to dissuade automobile accident victims from continuing with their right to proper rehabilitation and compensation.




No Fault automobile insurance replaced the previous common Tort system on January 1, 1995 and with this new insurance accident victims cannot exercise their legal common remedy for pain and suffering. Dr. David Cassidy and his group of intimate friends praised the No Fault insurance program administered by SGI and in a paper managed and financed by SGI they claimed that under the No Fault coverage the victims were recovering twice as fast as in the previous Tort system, that is an average of 203 days versus a previous average of 433 days.




In past articles I have labelled Dr. Cassidy’s paper a fraud against intelligent common sense as in his study Dr. Cassidy equates the administrative closure of an insurance claim to the recovery of the claimant. I also feel that Dr. Cassidy is an impostor as in dismissing the Tort system he implies that most of the claimants are crooks while SGI is right in providing him with a million dollar funding for his research.




In describing the coercive rehabilitation program Lorie Terry writes:
I can testify from personal experience that individuals were forced to undertake preposterous and agonizing tasks. One schedule required patients to carry pails of cement, pull bags of sand, push carts of bricks, climb up and down old stadium stairs repeatedly, rake gravel, drive screws into old metal frameworks above their heads and below their waists, and lift boxes with increasing amounts of weight each day.




No Fault insurance is wrong, and No Fault insurance is inhumane. And in this regard let me point out that No Fault is a legal world wide movement disguised as Tort Reform and preached by President George Bush and Company. No Fault takes the law away from common people and relegates the exercise of the law to the big corporations suing each other over copyrights. This is happening to day in the New World Order, the need of corporations have become more important that the need of people, and the copyrights of corporations have become more important than the pain and suffering of people.
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