Sheila Steele and Brian Dueck


Thank you Sheila Steele for letting us get to know
police Superintendent Brian George Dueck

Nipawin - Monday, August 26, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




We must congratulate Sheila Steele for publicizing her understanding about the continued corruption with the Saskatoon police. Sheila has informed the public, the legal and political authorities about the deplorable behaviour of present police Superintendent Brian George Dueck of the Saskatoon Police Services. Superintendent Dueck was instrumental in concocting and inducing false sexual confessions from children involved in the Saskatchewan Scandal of the Century. Because of the deplorable behaviour of Superintendent Dueck, many people were prosecuted and Peter Klassen spent four years in jail for despicable sexual crimes against children he never committed.



17 years


Today I learn that
Eddie Joe Lloyd spent seventeen years in jail while being innocent, and according to the Innocence Project he is the 110th convicted criminal being exonerated through DNA evidence. Lloyd signed his confession as concocted and induced by his police investigators and ended up in prison with a new ID number and as a forgotten man. Innocence Project highlights the concern that false confessions have played a role in about 20%of the DNA exonerations and is calling for changes in the criminal justice system which includes the videotaping of all interrogations.

As we are concerned here in Saskatchewan we have the problem of getting rid of Superintendent Dueck as he promoted his career out of concocting false confessions along with other deplorable behaviour. Since Superintendent Dueck has been around for years and years in the Saskatoon Police Services his social problem can be extended to his friends, politicians and judges.




Thank you Sheila for your unrelenting work in the justice system, and we are waiting for more just news.
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