Languaging and President Bush’s Homeland department:
Having the "the right people at the right place at the right time" doing the wrong job!

Nipawin - Friday, September 6, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"The Grenadan invasion, I have read, produced more decorations than combatants. By the time it was over, Ronald Reagan's presidency had proven the republic could still flex its muscle--we could take out a Caribbean Marxist regime at will, Cuba notwithstanding."

Roger Ebert, reviewing the movie Wag the Dog 




I have been thinking about the languaging of the elitist gurus who have been telling us to live in ambiguity while they themselves live within the New World Order and preach the science of instant democracy: either left or right or vice-versa. Nothing new about instant democracy; we have had instant coffee for a long time, instant families, instant wars and everything has to be instant in our New World Order, so today we have instant democracy by statistical polling.




I could never understand how elitist gurus would always have the instant right answer to any problem as common people would wrestle with the complexity of our realities, how these gurus would make more and more money than any common person as these same gurus were paid the big buck to make the big instant decisions, how these gurus would use their fragmentary and deterministic language as these same gurus would camouflage themselves as the experts.




Today I understand that these gurus are emperors with no clothes. I understand that these gurus have created an artificial language for creating the science of a new Common Law called Tort Reform (No Fault), another artificial language for creating the science of Statistics, another artificial language for creating the future science of classical Economics, another artificial language of Politics, another artificial language of Accounting, and so forth. As we have created all these different languages so we have lost our democracy and delegated the direction of our overall welfare to the gurus.


Yes, I have known for a long time that there was an endemic problem in our society, and genuinely I began to express this problem as a problem of communication and I was right. But then I had another problem I had to contend with, and this was the problem of communication. How to communicate within ourselves and our neighbours? Which language was the right one?




Would it be true that there was a language for the exercise of Tort Reform (NO Fault), another language for Statistics, another language for Economics, another language for Politics, another for Accounting and yet so many other different languages? I became very confused in dealing with the problem of communication and in the meantime I coined the wording "professional liar" while working with the Saskatchewan Health-Care Association under the big health care guru Hewitt Helmsing.




As I was mentioning above, to day I understand what proper communication is, it is languaging as defined by biologist Humberto Maturana, that is co-ordination of behaviour, co-ordination of people’s behaviour. But what do we find today? We don’t find co-ordination of people’s behaviour in our communication! Our languaging has been hijacked by our gurus, and the guru of the gurus is President George Bush who wants to create the Department of Homeland Security as fast as he can while launching a public relations campaign prior to his perceived intention to attack Iraq.


President Bush wants to have the flexibility to fire and hire the 170,000 employees of the Homeland department and in this regard Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Texas, said that
"There can not be a bill that does not give the president reorganization flexibility, the ability to override collective bargaining agreements in the name of national security and personnel flexibility."


So we have a bushy president who is against the democratic aspirations of common people. And in defending his needs to fire and hire employees of the proposed Homeland department President Bush has stated
"I need the flexibility to put the right people at the right place at the right time to protect the American people -- and the Senate better get it right."


President Bush has it wrong again as you can have the right people at the right place at the right time doing the wrong job!
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