The American War Economy:
The Carlyle Group is posed to buy part of the British defense research industry

Nipawin - Saturday, September 7, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




We have been privatizing water and we are commodifying the sky as the US develops the Missile Defense System and in the meantime I learn that the private Carlyle Group, a defense contractor business, is the preferred bidder to buy part of the British defense research industry.




I am asking myself where we are heading.




Now we must understand that the Bush family has an interest in the Carlyle Group and that this group makes money out of its connection with governments, industry and the military.

war for

When we learn that Carlyle has experienced a rate of return of approximately 36% since 1987 on some $6.4 billion investment then we understand that this company is pilfering money from common people. The Carlyle Group is neither a speculative company nor a profiteering company as this company makes money in absence of risk and in the presence of war.




This world is getting embedded into an increasing war economy as I learn that some 435 pension funds have entrusted their money to Carlyle while at the same time the collapse of Enron, World Com and of other corporations have caused the loss of retirement funds for many people. In particular, the California Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) has some $730 invested in Carlyle.




Do we wonder why a significant number of Americans support a war against Iraq? Do we have any doubt why President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair are concocting an attack on Iraq as soon as possible?
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