The saga of health reform in Saskatchewan:
The Health Regions replace the Health Districts

Nipawin - Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




I have written quite a few articles in health care and I have consistently pointed out its major fault, that is the fault of being managed by corrupt leaders. This corrupt perception of health care is after all a consequential understanding of the level of corruption of our current democracy, a democracy which Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul calls corporatism.




We all know Nortel and we all know Enron and we all know World Com and we all know the Queen of Domesticity Martha Stewart. Our Saskatchewan gurus wanted to run our public health care in a business fashion and we must thank for this new health reform funeral businessman Mr. Hewitt Helmsing, better known among his health care associates as Mr. Health. Mr. Helmsing took over the Saskatchewan Health Care Association (today’s Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations) in the early seventies and left a dark cloud of business corporatism which continues today with yet another dropping of health reform.




Today we have the health districts being replaced by bigger health regions under the understanding that this health reform will integrate better the administration of health services, but the reality is that this reform is another gimmick to hide the irresponsible and corrupt behaviour of our health care gurus.


This reminds me of President George Bush’s proposed new Homeland department to offset the intelligence failures of September 11. Rather than investigate the roots of our problems gurus hide their capitalized incompetence (their personal assets) behind reform. So the Americans have a new 170,000 employees Homeland department to hide the faults of the American intelligence agencies, and we have in Saskatchewan the newly created health regions to hide the incompetence of our health care gurus.




Do you want to see how well integrated and coordinated our health services are? No problem; health gurus can manufacture statistical surveys with an accuracy of 99.50% and give you the numbers to prove our health services are the best. But I have another story beyond our well manufactured statistical surveys. The story is that our health care gurus must stop what economist Paul Krugman refers to "doublethink" and "newspeak" and therefore we must publicise their wrongdoings.




One way to publicise the wrongdoing of our health care gurus is the recourse to the law, not the Law Reform or No Fault of our governments, but the remedy to use the common law by putting
"forward the provocative notion that private secrecy agreements constitute illegal obstruction of justice"
and by allowing
"fired employees to sue and easily win damages for unreasonable, vindictive dismissal."
  The saga of health reform continues in Saskatchewan and so the corruption of our gurus.
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