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The BIG LIE of the Free Market:
Social unrest and the resurgence of Fascism

Nipawin - Monday, October 28, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis



I came back last Friday October 18 from my trip in Italy and I am sad to be able better understand that our societal and economic problems are not peculiar to one specific country. When I first began writing my articles on Ensign I started to label Romanow's leadership as incompetent and unimaginative and went as far as to say that Saskatchewan was turning people to become the copycats and backstabbers of North America.




Later, I found that this incompetent and unimaginative leadership was not the monopoly of Saskatchewan, but it was spread all over the world because of the globalization of our economies under what I have called the BIG LIE of the Free Market.




Economist Paul Krugman explained Friday in the New York Times the mendacity of President George Bush in pushing his private war against Iraq as well as his economic directions on behalf of the few and privileged.

of Italy

In Italy, the economic matters are not better than elsewhere. A few days after I arrived in Rome on September 24, I had a telephone conversation with my brother Nino and he asked me about my first impressions of the country. I responded that my first impressions of Italy were summarized by two experiences.




The first experience reflected the explicit resurgence of Fascism as I noticed posters of dictator Benito Mussolini splashed on buildings. The second experience occurred when while walking on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, in Rome, I noticed an helicopter in the sky and a motorcade of policemen. I asked a municipal policeman what was going on and he replied that a demonstration was taking place. I then asked this same policeman what these demonstrators wanted, and he replied that the demonstrators wanted more money. When I finally saw a flood of demonstrators I realized they were demonstrating against about anything, including wars and injustice.

Mario deSantis

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