No end to more tragedies in the private world of the Free Market:
Russian Forces storm the theater in Moscow and Senator Wellstone dies in a plane crash

Nipawin - Monday, October 28, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"He was dedicated to helping the little guy, in a business dominated by the big guys."


-Jeff Blodgett, Senator Wellstone's campaign manager




I learn today that Russian Forces stormed the theater in Moscow where Chechen hostage takers held some hundreds of captives. The death tolls is in the order of many dozens among hostage takers and captives. To learn once again that people are willing to commit acts of terrorism by killing themselves is an understanding that no dictatorial or Fascist Big Brother government will have the power to curtail our liberties and enforce the physical security of our lives.


photo by Sergi Karpukhin (Reuters)



I also learn Saturday that Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone has died in a plane crash. Senator Wellstone was fighting for reelection in these troubling times and yet he listened to his heart as he was one of the few senators who voted against a resolution authorizing President Bush to eventually wage a unilateral war against Iraq. The balance of power has shifted lately too much on behalf of the few and privileged and there will be the need of more Wellstones to counter the private interests to wage wars at home and abroad.

photo by Andy King (Reuter)


Mario deSantis

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  Statement about Paul Wellstone. Paul Wellstone was one of a kind. He was a man of principle and conviction, in a world that has too little of either. He was dedicated to helping the little guy, in a business dominated by the big guys. We who had the privilege of working with him hope that he will be remembered as he lived every day: as a champion for people. His family was the center of his life and it breaks our hearts that his wife of 39 years and his daughter Marcia were with him. Our prayers are with Mark and David and the grandchildren he and Sheila cherished so much.


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