The Understanding Of The Free Market As "Money Talks BS Walks"
The Understanding Of Religion As "Religion Talks BS Walks"

Nipawin - Saturday, June 1, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"I believe our American farmers can compete so long as the playing field is level. That's why I am such a strong advocate of free trade and that's why I reject protectionism and isolation because I think it hurts our American farmers."

George Bush Jr. on Free Trade, Source: Republican debate in
West Columbia, South Carolina Jan 7, 2000




"A Muslim is not afraid and does not retreat, but with the cry of `God is great!' he jumps into the battle to fight."

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, Source: Irrationality in South Asia,
May 30 2002 The Straits Times, Singapore




Who wants to wage war? I am a simple man and I realize that my most important existential reasons rest on the social opportunity to labour - that is being useful to myself, my family and my community at large--along with the consequential opportunity to learn - that is being able to use my intelligence for myself, my family and my community at large. If it is true that these fundamental reasons to labour and to learn are shared among all of us, then I ask myself the question: Who wants wars?




In the United States, we have found the societal understanding that governments are not governing anymore on behalf of people at large as the power of money and politics have fused and governments are now governing of behalf of big corporations and their corporate sons. Therefore, the building of a supreme war economy in the US, and their consequential propensity to wage wars all over the world in disregard of international agreements, is a reflection of the vested interests of the big corporations and their corporate sons.




With the fusion of money and political power and therefore with the preaching of the gospel of the Free Market we have the social understanding of ordinary people as expressed by the saying "Money Talks BS Walks."




But the building of war economies are not necessarily preached in the name of the new god of money as revealed by the Free Market, and in fact war economies are also preached in the name of asserting the fundamentalism of different religions, that is for example Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.




So as the United States wages an enduring war against terrorism all over the planet, its allies Pakistan and India are positioning today to wage an all out war which could trigger a nuclear conflict as both of these countries have missiles capable of launching nuclear war heads. My understanding that the preaching of the fundamentalism of different religions creates divisions and wars among people prompts me to say "Religion Talks BS Walks."




My simple understanding is that ordinary people don't want wars, they want peace. It is also my understanding that the war economy sustained by the United States and its allies in the name of the Free Market is wrong and in fact we have found in the course of our writing that the Free Market is a BIG LIE. Further, it is my understanding that the war economy sustained by Pakistan and India in the name of their different religions - Islam and Hinduism - is wrong as ordinary people in both countries would choose the survival of our planet over its nuclear destruction.