Tom Daschle, Trent Lott and speaker of the house Dennis Hasterton Nov 13 after meeting with President Bush to end stalemate over terrorism insurance legislation.


U.S. Senate passes No Fault Insurance against Terrorism Attacks:
The coexistence of terrorism and of the war to extract oil

Nipawin - Thursday - November 21, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis



no risk

The senate has passed the bill limiting the insurers' liability of terrorist attacks. The world can go to war now, as insurance companies are shielded from any monetary risk over terrorism.



part of

The power of money has taken over peoples' lives and we can now economically justify the coexistence of terrorism and wars; that is, terrorism has become now part of the U.S. economy as its risk has been offset by the central corporative planning committee: Congress. Therefore, the Bush administration can continue the greasing of its economy by furthering the military extraction of oil around the world.




As I write about the Bush's administration belligerent policies so I become startled and at a loss of my clarity and intelligence as I ponder the hate that involves us in this world of riches, poverty, and despair.




I just visited some web sites sponsored by what I believe are Islamic fundamentalist agencies and again I wonder how democracy has really evolved in the last twenty years of economic globalization. The blame game must be over before we are all going to be at a loss of our lives.

Mario deSantis

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