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Dr Janice MacKinnon wants more private health care:
A casual expert with no understanding of the causality of problems

Nipawin - Thursday - November 21, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"Social scientists, public policy makers, business people, and ordinary folks have to learn to deal with the emerging fact of circular causality in social systems." George P. Richardson, author of the book "Feedback Thought in Social Science and Systems Theory"




I have continuous headache as I continue to be exposed to the hypocritical verbiage of our conventional leaders.




We have uncovered the hypocritical behaviour of Dr. Janice MacKinnon when she was Saskatchewan Minister of Economic Development, and now that she has retired from politics we have still to endure more hypocrisy from her. At a recent conference on a health vision held recently in Saskatoon, Dr. MacKinnon has stated that
"Canada's health-care system needs to partner with the private sector if it is going to address sky-high costs and avoid overwhelming the federal government's attempt to reduce child poverty and press for more innovation... While health care is costing Canadians the same percentage of the country's gross domestic product to operate as it did a decade ago, government incomes from that GDP have been falling and the cost of health is encroaching on other important federal programs."




Dr. MacKinnon was a Saskatchewan cabinet minister in the 90ies and she made a relevant contribution to balance the provincial budget by the means of governmental corruption and privatization. Now Dr. MacKinnon says that because government incomes from the GDP have been falling then the health-care system needs to partner with the private sector.




Dr. MacKinnon suffers from the mental problem called "linear thinking" that is the disability to recognize our social problems as effected by casual relationships of events. Governments have no additional money for health care and therefore Dr. MacKinnon says that we must further privatize health care. She is unable to understand that the primary reason governments have no money is because they have fraudulently privatized their public services in the first place.




What I want to infer is that Dr. MacKinnon has no critical thinking abilities, that is the ability to understand that our social problems are the result of the causality of many events. Let me conclude that Dr. MacKinnon is a casual expert who cannot understand the causes of the health care problems.

Mario deSantis

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