On Friday, Tom Ridge speaking to Republican governors and US President greeting Czech veterans from Kuwait and Afghanistan ( Bush picture by Michal Dolezal).


Is George Bush fighting for freedom and democracy?

Nipawin - Saturday - November 23, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"This bill does nothing--not a thing--to make our citizens more secure today or tomorrow... The bill just moves around on an organizational chart. That is what it does--moves around on an organizational chart."--

Senator Robert Byrd while discussing The Homeland Security Act at the U.S. Senate, November 14, 2002




The truth is clear to me, and that is that, President George Bush fights to have the freedom to extract riches for his own benefit and the benefit of his own friends. Is my truth wrong? Just think a little bit. Some 42 million Americans have no health care and half of the world population live with less than $2.00 per day, yet the fight against terrorism is George Bush's challenge of the 21st century. Besides spending some $400 billion for self defense, now president Bush will have some 170,000 obedient and loyal employees working for the Homeland security.




So as President Bush is going to self defend the homeland by attacking all the so called rouge states and all their terrorists all over the world, so President Bush is going to secure the freedom of the American people by having 170,000 Homeland policemen snooping on every thing and on every citizen.




President Bush betrays the concept of truthfulness when he says that his Free Market will alleviate poverty, and in fact, in the last twenty years of the Free Market, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Can't anyone see the convergence of interests between government, business and the militaries?




Paul Krugman points out today in The New York Times that the sons of the right families also rise in the land of opportunity; further, Steve Lohr reports in the same newspaper that Louis Gerstener is stepping down from his chairmanship at I.B.M. as he takes over the chairmanship of the Bushes' Carlyle Group.




Now, how can Americans ever experience a degree of social democracy when the rich get richer and the sons of the rich get richer as well? And how can democracy be ever spread abroad when American politicians, bureaucrats and military people of the Carlyle Group make an initial investment of $130 million turn into a value worth more than $900 million in a span of a year?




Democracy is not explicated by repealing the estate tax and therefore making the sons of the rich richer, and democracy is not explicated by making money and going to bed with the government either. Instead, Americans must open their eyes, they must listen, reflect, think and by so doing they can act: this is democracy.

Mario deSantis

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