The culprit for the enronization of Canada:
A matter of politics, of public policy, of Free Market structure?

Nipawin - Tuesday - December 10, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"There is no precedent in any modern White House for what is going on in this one: complete lack of a policy apparatus. What you've got is everything, and I mean everything, being run by the political arm. It's the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis."
John J. DiIulio, former head of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives at the White House




"The behavior of a system arises from its structure." John D. Sterman, author of Business Dynamics


I am baffled by the Canadian Big Brains who insulate themselves from international politics and the Free Market dogmas and then look into the detailed problems of Canadian politics and reach the consensus that the Liberal party is mud. As a consequence, Big Brain professor Michael Bliss wants to replace the Liberals with the Alliance, while Big Brain journalist John Ibbitson wants to change the liberal leadership with Paul Martin.


Michael Bliss


I am not a Big Brain and I got into my socio economic writing in these pages of Ensign when I realized that my family had to systematically suffer the abuses imposed by the cream of the crop of the Saskatchewan health care Big Brains. I was naive of the political and business environment and how this environment was affecting our social and economic system in Saskatchewan.


John Ibbitson


We found out that our born again patriot Roy Romanow downsized Saskatchewan to greatness; then we found out the corruption of this Liberal government as Prime Minister Jean Chretien was helping the friends of his friends; then we discovered the enronization of corporate America and the stealing of the presidency by White House resident George Bush.




Ultimately, we found a truth: we have found the enemy and he is us, that is the Free Market. We have been duped and we are still being duped by our Big Brains as these Big Brains are preaching the gospel of tax cuts for the rich and tax cuts for corporations, the gospel of privatization, the gospel of deregulations, the gospel of big corporate mergers to save money and streamline resources, the gospel of instant democracy by statistical polling, the gospel of (re-re-cycled) patent rights, the gospel of a free media, the gospel of statistical research, the gospel of productivity, the gospel of the Gross Domestic Product.



of wealth

The truth is really simple, we have a divided society at home and abroad. We must simply understand our social predicament as caused by the hegemonic economic and political concentration of wealth in the United States where it is a fact that the top one percent of the people own 95 percent of the wealth.




Another truth is that the Free Market, as preached by the Bush administration, is the tool to reinforce a divided society on behalf of the rich. And yet another truth is that there must be eventually a distinction between politics and public policy.

Mario deSantis

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