Saskatchewan social justice as the controlling medium of the Free Market:
A case for lawyers and SGI

Nipawin - Friday - December 13, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




It is strange how our social system has been enronized. We have been mentioning about the endemic wrongs of the Free Market, but this Free Market philosophy has spread out in every facet of our lives.




There is no such a thing as a Free Market, as this entails the exercise to make money with money for the people who have money.




So, it is as to say that there is no justice.




I remember at one time talking to a Regina lawyer about the wrong doing I endured as one business contract was violated by the other party only to be told that he couldn't take my case because he couldn't control me. Here we have lawyers who are supposed to be part of the justice system and instead they have become part of the controlling social regime.




The Yorkton This Week has run two articles this week on SGI automobile insurance. The first article mentions how SGI president Larry Fogg showed his pleasure as SGI was now able to provide both No Fault and Tort automobile insurance. Fogg said
"We feel we are in a position where we can offer Tort, which is really the Premier Option of the Coalition Against No Fault Insurance."



its about

In the second article, Lorie Terry, spokesperson for the Coalition Against No Fault, is quoted stating
"we are happy that they are using our ideas, but they seem to have taken them and basically castrated them... The time has come that insurance companies found out they can't control everything."
This is the problem, instead to provide for the insurance needs of Saskatchewan drivers, SGI's emphasis is on controlling expenses, controlling inhumane rehabilitation programs, and spying on their injured victims.



not needs
but control

So our social justice doesn't address the democratic needs of the citizens anymore, and in fact our social justice has been castrated to become the controlling medium of the Free Market.

Mario deSantis

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  SGI employees are back to work following investingation into releasing information to an unauthorized source. August 9, 2002


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