George Bush, January 3, 2003 at Fort Hood and Helen Thomas.

Journalist Helen Thomas, George Bush's NoFault and Saskatchewan's NoFault

Nipawin - Monday - January 6, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis

"Insurers place profits over people and threaten the livelihood of America's doctors. It's unfair to ask patients to give up their legal rights so the insurance industry can make higher profits."

Mary E. Alexander, president of the Association of
Trial Lawyers of America



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Whenever the God of Money takes over the running of our lives in a world where the top one percent of the American families own over 95 percent of the total financial wealth only the supposed rational economic explanations of this top one percent are turned into laws by the sold out politicians and fortunate sons.



We were the first people in Saskatchewan to realize that the governmental NoFault insurance program was the product of sold out politicians, the product of a sold out research conducted by Dr. David Cassidy and his friends, the product of a bureaucratic Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) corporation competing for lower forced expected costs rather than for needed services.



We were the first people in Saskatchewan to realize that the NoFault insurance programs were nothing else but the byproduct of the Tort Reform initiated by then Governor George Bush of Texas in the nineties. We also came to understanding that NoFault was a political and corporative movement preached by sold out politicians and fortunate sons, and in fact, we labeled our own Government of Saskatchewan a NoFault government and we have to be thankful in this regard to the researches and work conducted by Lorie Terry of the Saskatchewan Coalition Against NoFault..



Today we have journalist Helen Thomas, former senior correspondent at the White House, echoing our concerns about Tort Reform and the related NoFault legislative programs. As we defined the Government of Saskatchewan a NoFault government so we must define today the Bush Administration as a NoFault government.


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The Bush Administration has no fault in turning the United States into a police state; it has no fault in increasing violence and terrorism around the world; it has no fault in not providing needed medications to millions of people dying of AIDS; it has no fault in carrying out assassinations in foreign lands; it has no fault in enriching rich people, enriching big corporations and enriching insurance companies. The Bush Administration has no fault in anything it does as everything has become the expression of the private contract; and if the private contract is not enough to support the welfare of the top one percent of American families then we have either the military or Tort Reform coming to the rescue of our fortunate sons.



Helen Thomas writes:

The Bush administration has it in for trial lawyers and is planning a big push for tort reform... The administration wants to put a $250,000 cap on malpractice awards for pain and suffering. It follows a speech President Bush made last July 24 when he claimed that "the cause of the medical liability crisis is a badly broken system of litigation that serves the interest of specialized trial lawyers, not patients." Trial lawyers are used to being demonized and they are a favorite political target of conservatives... When Bush was governor of Texas, he led a crusade to make the state's legal system less helpful to consumers. He pushed through legislation that capped punitive damages, limited class actions to federal courts and made it easier for judges to impose sanctions on plaintiffs who filed so-called "frivolous" lawsuits. Let's have more of that "frivolity." That is actually a misnomer because some of those lawsuits led to dramatic safety improvements, forced on corporations through jury verdicts. Nothing gets their attention like writing a big check to an injured customer... Bush's war on the trial lawyers can only please those from the consumer-be-damned school of corporate wrongdoing. In President Bush's "compassionate conservatism," just whom does he feel compassion for? I fear I know the answer.



Have you heard the sweet, calm, scientific, rational and assured talks of SGI executives and their friendly Saskatchewan politicians? They are sweet, scientific, rational and assured for whom? I have no need to know the answer.


Mario deSantis

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