Recognizing Boundaries and the Value of Thinking
versus the God of Money and the Gospels of Standard of Living and Productivity

Nipawin - Tuesday - January 14, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"It is a [$674 billion] balanced plan that benefits all Americans, all Americans -- forget that tax-cut-for-the-rich rhetoric."

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, NBC's "Meet the Press" January 12, 2003




The elitist kleptocracy is using every gimmick to analytically come up with economic theories supporting the God of Money at the expense of common people.




One tenet of the kleptocratic economic theory is that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has no upper boundary and that technological innovations will provide the continuous growth of the GDP. The fact that the GDP can continue to grow for ever is a fallacy as everywhere we turn our eyes we discover that everything has a boundary.



on GDP

We have a boundary for the availability of our clean water and yet this water is being further polluted while sanitized bottled water is being sold. We have a boundary for our own capacity to solve problems and yet our intelligence is being hijacked and consumed by the money interest of the kleptocratic corporations. We have a boundary for the availability of oil and yet we produce more cars requiring more consumption of oil. We have a boundary on anything affecting our living and yet the kleptocracy keeps telling us that the GDP has no boundary.



there is no
other god
but profit

So the kleptocracy, in pursuing their self interest to hoard more money and power, has elevated Money to become the new God. The God of Money is being preached with the many gospels created by the Chicago School of Economics; for example the gospel of the average standard of living and the gospel of the average productivity growth. In so doing the kleptocracy has artificially created a hypocritical and fundamentalist religious language of its own where the duplicity of meanings can always be distorted in the name of the God of Money and for the advantage of the kleptocracy.



everyone working

In the United States, the rich become richer and I wonder about the meaning of the increasing average standard of living. Conventional economists are telling us that the economy is robust as average productivity has been jumping high and yet Americans are hanging onto their jobs and working harder.



we before

We don't need to preach the God of Money and the gospel of the average standard of living and the gospel of the average productivity. What we need is to do our own thinking for ourselves and as we do our thinking we recognize the economic boundaries for the benefit of all of us.

Mario deSantis

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