US President Bush speaking in St. Louis Wednesday, January 22, 2003, the back drop of boxes had the "made in China" covered with duct tape. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)


The duplicity and danger of President Bush's
public policies versus the big picture of environmental public policies

Nipawin - Thursday - January 23, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


Our world view is changing for the worse as pollution, famine, disease and violence are taking place all over the world and yet there are reactionary corporatists who want to wage wars to further pollution, famine, disease and violence.




United States President Bush stands for everything which is wrong in public policies as he uses reductionist language where war is peace, tax cutting is money in your pocket, downgrading the environment is good for the economy, tort reform is good for lowering corporatist costs, educational tests are good for education, private health care is good for public health. President Bush is a master of duplicity and because he uses a reductionist language he is perceived to be the greatest danger to world peace in accordance to an unscientific poll of 271,274 respondents conducted by TIME Magazine.




We have already labeled President Bush as a linear thinker who sees the world as either "with us or against us." President Bush cannot think critically in circles and understand that all of our actions are interrelated and that for any forced action there would be a reaction. I have just finished to read the chapter on public policy of the book "Seeing the Forest for the Trees" and I want to share with you the big picture of cyclical environmental relationships as designed by author Dennis Sherwood.




Mario deSantis

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  Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Manager's Guide to Applying Systems Thinking by Dennis Sherwood, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2002


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