Colin Powell before the Senate, Feb 11, 2003 (Mile Theiler/Reuters) Donald Rumsfeld Feb 7, 2003 address US troops in Italy (Franco Debermardi/AP) and US President Bush Feb 10, 2003 with Australian Prime Minister (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)


Today's Rule of Law and the Big Brains of Crony Capitalism

Nipawin - Wednesday - February 12, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Perhaps, you have a responsibility to be informed, to know for yourself. To know the truth. And then, perhaps you must decide with your own conscience and your personal energy and your resources what you should do. "

Isabel Allende, author

my head

Lately, I have not been current in keeping up with the daily political news, but at the same time I have been shaking my head as I have occasionally watched and listened to president Bush and his Big Brains. Sometime ago I send an e-mail to Timothy Shire, publisher of Ensign, and I congratulated him for going beyond who is good or bad in dealing with our political and social predicament.




Good cop, United States secretary of state, Colin Powell is pressing for a war against Iraq and he is now incessantly talking about the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda.








Bad cop, United States secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld is equally pressing for a war and charges the old Europe with resisting a war against Iraq.

President Bush delivers a floundering State of the Union Address and wants to go to war first for taking over Iraqi oil, and second for covering up his incompetent asset.

Countries are taking sides on behalf, or against, the United States and its intention to go to war and yet there is not a consistent approach to highlight the truth beyond the raising to
ORANGE the intensity of the newly designed terrorist traffic light.

Then I hear the word patriotism as the main motivational reason to go to war, and I ask, what is patriotism? Does patriotism mean to go to war and get medals and promotions as Colin Powell did in VietNam? George Bush, Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld are telling the United Nations (UN) to clean up their act and yet they tell the world that the Iraqi regime has broken the UN's resolution 1441.




Amazing how these Big Brains can put upside down any intelligent common sense, and how rumors and organized disinformation become evidence and facts under the so-called international law.




These Big Brains are supposed to follow the Rule of Law as they represent government, and I now realize that the Rule of Law has been broken as Western democracies have become devoid of any intelligent common sense.




I maintain that these Big Brains are representatives of the Crony Capitalism permeating 'globalization,' a capitalism protected by today's Rule of Law.




I can tell you about the Rule of Law in my own province of Saskatchewan as I ponder the latest disclosure of miscarriage of justice affecting the Sterling family. The Sterlings were unjustly prosecuted in the early 90's for running a satanic cult involving children and the CBC television programme, The Fifth Estate will air once again another Saskatchewan Injustice on February 12, 2003.




Does anybody see any statistical correlation between tort reform (no fault), Crony Capitalism, pre-emptive wars, poverty, injustice and the Rule of Law?



how we
say it!

I find it really very strange that social scientists can always find 99 percent accurate statistical research results in their supposed privatized studies and yet these same social scientists cannot discern the statistical correlation between the present Rule of Law and Crony Capitalism. This raises the fundamental question of our LANGUAGE.

Mario deSantis

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