United States President speaking today and the Pope on February 26, 2003 after taliking with Spanish Prime Minister.

The Freedom of Expression of American Conventional Media:
Narrow the Discourse and Focus on Misinformation, that is War against Iraq

Nipawin - Tuesday - March 4, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"I'm reading the Bible every day... I disagree that we need to ask the U.N. for permission to protect ourselves."

President George Bush


"All religions should strive for peace. War is always a defeat for humanity. It is a tragedy for religion."

Pope John Paul II



There are many people and social activists who are blaming the Bush administration of telling lies after lies. In this regard I have considered how President Bush has been gradually deploying massive military troops and equipment in the Middle East while affirming at the same time that he hadn't made up his mind about attacking Iraq.



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President Bush is preparing to attack Iraq against the will of the people of the world. President Bush stated he wanted to attack Iraq because of its Weapons of Mass destruction and because Iraq was an imminent threat to the United States and the world. When it is was found that Iraq was not an imminent threat to the United States and the world, President Bush stated that he wanted to attack Iraq because that country was working with Al Qaeda. Now that we find out that Iraq hasn't been working with Al Qaeda President Bush wants to attack Iraq because Saddam Hussein is a criminal.




I have learned to understand, late in my life, that you can never win against the intertwined fascio (bundle) of business and politics. So all the conventional media comes to the rescue of a failing President Bush and portray his sanctimonious and patriotic stance against the tyrannical experiences of Saddam Hussein. As to say that we have to attack Iraq because President Bush is a better man than Saddam Hussein. In the meantime we forget about the American Constitution, we forget about international law, and we forget about people's lives.




The freedom of expression of the American conventional media is the freedom to narrow the discourse of our voices and to focus on as much misinformation for the contingent specific need to appease the fascist capitalists. Today this fascist capitalistic need is to attack Iraq and appease the wish of President Bush to cover his personal asset and liberate Iraqi Oil.

Mario deSantis

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