March 5, 2003 Cardinal Pio Laghi meets with US President Bush on behalf of the Pope

Bush's Rush to a Short War against Iraq:
Selling 'democracy' by Brand America

Nipawin - Thursday - March 6, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"We are selling a product. We need someone who can rebrand American policy, rebrand diplomacy."

Colin Powell, -U.S. Secretary of State


"When Napoleon reached Moscow, he thought maybe he'd won"

Margaret Atwood, Novelist


"God is a neutral observer in the affairs of man. Man cannot march into war and assume God will be at his side."

Pope John Paul II



This early morning (of March 6th) I have been moved by a further understanding of today's business and political importance given to short term events which are supposed to change the world overnight.


Jim Crow

So we have native American poet Sherman Alexie describing how Bush & Co. will export democracy to Iraq in a week short war as the United States peddles its superior morality

"that accepted Jim Crow laws until 1964"

(legislative discrimination against the blacks);

and so we have novelist Margaret Atwood describing the rising to power of Napoleon as a bubble

"during a time of unrest and blood-letting."



flood of

In the meantime we have F.B.I. Special Agent Coleen Rowley questioning Bush's rush to war against Iraq as this rush war will have deleterious consequences

"We should be deluding neither ourselves nor the American people that there is any way the FBI... will be able to stem the flood of terrorism that will likely head our way in the wake of an attack on Iraq."




There is no way ever that we can create democracy by waging strategic and short wars as democracy is not a planned strategy and it is not a short goal. President Bush's assertion to have God to his side for a just war against Iraq is a fiction of an alienated administration which put the power of money before people's lives.

war to make

We create democracy everyday, every week, every month, every year, and every time we do something good and peaceful for ourselves and others. There is simply no short war able to create democracy, be it in Iraq or anywhere else in the world.

Mario deSantis

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