"Truth can never be proved: it can only be suggested."

  Lin Yutang  

We need a change of mind:
Common Sense versus New-Speaks

Nipawin - Monday - March 10, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


We are all confused today with this war against Iraq peddled by this petulant and inept Bush administration. In fact, we are facing a supposed conflict of civilization as it is emerging with the perils of Islamism which has been blamed for the 9-11 attacks, for the instability of the Middle East and for the experiencing of world wide terrorism.




When I hear that President Bush is guided by his Evangelism in pursuing a war against Iraq then I am really convinced that both this much talked Islamic fundamentalism and this Bush's Christian Evangelism are at fault and that they are both the main culprits, today, of war and terrorism.


I was reading few days ago the very interesting article "The Universe inside our scull" by Timothy Shire, and I concur with him that "Real world, is completely and totally personal" as long as we don't forget our own common sense (and sixth sense) which arises from living together.


We need more and more common sense and less and less religious fundamentalism, be it Islamism or Evangelism or some other ...ism. In fact, I agree with the Chinese saying that
"Truth can never be proved: it can only be suggested."




Today, let us all make the effort to read the article "World of doubt Foreign affairs minister needs to be more honest" by Ezra Levant and let us make any private comment to the truth as suggested by this neconservative inflated asset.


Today, let us make another effort in reading the article "Some Evidence on Iraq Called Fake: U.N. Nuclear Inspector Says Documents on Purchases Were Forged" by Joby Warrick and let us make another private comment to the truth as suggested by President Bush.


And today, let us make yet a further extra effort in reading the article "Buffett warns on investment time bomb" by the BBC News and let us make the further extra private comment to the truth, about market derivatives and stock options, as suggested by Economics Nobel Laureates and Chicago's alumni Myron Scholes and Robert C. Merton.


If you didn't get it yet, well . . , we need a change of mind where the common sense of our humanity replaces the obsoletism of our new-speaks.



Mario deSantis

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