The Devil is not in the Details, the Devil is Simply President Bush

Nipawin - Sunday - March 16, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

My senior year (at Yale University) I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret, I can't say anything more."

President Bush Jr.



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I hear so many times the cliche' "the devil is in the details" and we must recall that a cliche' is a kind of branded word to mean that it is easy to name the truth but difficult to arrive at. As the repetition of this cliche' "the devil is in the details" is used and overused so we common people become brainwashed and helpless and let the detailed oligarchies hijack our democracies.




I am convinced that the devil is not in the details but that the devil is in the oligarchies. President Bush is a devil when he wants to wage a war against Iraq and export his detailed concept of democracy to the Middle East. President Bush is alienated from the common people as democracy is not a commodity to be exported, and as democracy evolves from the aspirations to live more intelligently together.




Now we must understand that the social and legal institutions are currently geared, on the average, to benefit more the rich than the poor. As a consequence, the legal infrastructure is already tilted towards the rich.


Now I let you imagine the wrong the rich Bush administration would do to the world if they attack Iraq without the approval of the United Nations. We must also understand that the laws, as reflecting democracy, are the maturation of a perceived sense of moral justice. If the Bush administration attacks Iraq without the approval of the United Nations, the New World Order of Pigs at the Trough will put the American perceived sense of moral justice above the American laws and above international laws as well.

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Imagine now the Bush administration taking the step to name Iraqi officials who would be tried for war crimes or crimes against humanity when the same United States is not a member of the International Criminal Court.


The devil is not in the details on how to democraticize the Middle East, the devil is simply President Bush.

Mario deSantis

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