President Bush is taking the law in his own hands:
a personal war against Iraq

Nipawin - Monday - March 17, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"I'm a uniter, not a divider. I bring people together."

Governor of Texas George Bush, 2000 presidential election campaign




Yesterday (Sunday March 16, 2003) at the Azores, President Bush has stated that "a moment of truth for the world" has arrived and that he would give the United Nations 24 hours to do their job and provide an ultimatum to disarm Saddam Hussein by force.




Early this morning, I learn that the United States has advised the United Nations weapons inspectors to leave Iraq. The United Nations inspectors are under the jurisdiction of the United Nations Security Council and yet President Bush provides free advise to the inspectors.




What is happening is that the Bush administration is on autopilot pushing with its aggressive and competitive strategic planning for an attack against Iraq before this country's temperature reaches 35 degree Centigrade. We have a diplomacy run by Bush & Co. where the temperature becomes a major competitive strategic element for waging a war.




It was only yesterday that president Bush stated he wanted to give diplomacy a last chance and now with the advise for the United Nations inspectors to leave Iraq we have another pre-emptive strike against the Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities, and this has been happening after the council members have been subjected to continuous economic blackmail, threats and bribery.




Today, I realize that we have a Bush administration gone mad and therefore it was not a surprise to realize that Europeans have been giving the finger to the Bush administration as they have been perceiving the United States as the primary threat to world peace, before Saddam Hussein and North Korea. President Bush was supposed to be a uniter and instead his pre-emptive doctrine to dominate the world has taken over common law.




It was only yesterday that I wrote that laws are the maturation of a perceived sense of justice, but now, with the advent of the pre-emptive doctrine of Bush &Co., laws are becoming an instrument to subvert common laws and replace perceived sense of common justice with the absolute laws of the absolute sense of religious justice of Bush & Co. Common laws have been taken today in the Texas hands of a mad President Bush as he has stated:
"I was the guy that said they ought to vote, and one country [France] voted -- showed their cards, I believe -- it's an old Texas expression. They said they are going to veto anything that held Saddam to account. So cards have been played. And we just have to take an assessment after tomorrow to determine what that card meant."

Mario deSantis

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