The Bush's administration is a disgrace and so is the propagandistic media

Nipawin - Thursday - March 20, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Former UN Secretary-General U Thant who was a teacher and master to me, often had this comment: 'Robert, the world will not change and find peace, if there is not a new education.' He was entirely right. And today I would add: the world will not change and will not find peace if there is not a new media."

Robert Muller, Former UN Assistant Secretary General



The United States under the Bush administration has become a disgraced country and this new understanding has been succinctly explained yesterday by United States Senator Robert Byrd

"Today I weep for my country. I have watched the events of recent months with a heavy, heavy heart. No more is the image of America one of strong, yet benevolent peacekeeper." And United States Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich has stated "This is a sad day for America, the world community, and the people of Iraq... President Bush has launched an unprovoked attack against another country... This war is wrong; it violates the Constitution and international law."




Yesterday afternoon I watched the CNN show with Lou Dobbs and I realized the size of his pompous asset as he boasted how the Bush's Coalition of the Willing was much broader than the preceding coalition of Gulf War I.




I just want to give few numbers about this Coalition of the Willing as the staunchest countries supporting this coalition are the United Kingdom, Spain and Australia. A stunning 80 percent of Britons oppose military action, 85 percent of Spain's people oppose the war, and a recent opinion poll found that only 24 percent of people supported Australian participation in a war. These numbers just tell me there is a disconnect between the people and the politicians, and if it is true that American people support this Iraqi war so it is true that this war has been the orchestrated objective of the Bush administration along with the related propaganda peddled by the American media and their pollsters.



beggar and

This war is not legal, this war is not just, and this war is an expression of the arrogance of the United States to bully the United Nations and the world. Whenever you refer to the United States' trade deficit, tax cuts, and today's reluctance by foreigners to invest in their country, then we all know that the United States is at the same time a beggar and a predator.




Incidentally, many months ago, I had a look at the chronic American trade deficit and I expressed my indignation saying that the United States was raping the world. The way out of this situation is now for the Bush admnistration to wage a war against Iraq, to sideline the United Nations, to bully any other country it wants, and drive an economic downturn for the world by making sure that the United States maintains its relative hegemonic position.




The Bush's administration is a disgrace and so the propagandistic media.

Mario deSantis

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