March 27th George Burch proclaims committment to humannitarian relief as bombing of Baghdad is stepped up.

Neo-con President Bush Jr.:
lack of thinking and godly craziness for taking human lives

Nipawin - Saturday - March 29, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"They shed innocent blood here. They say that they want to save the Iraqi people, but they kill them. Is it their idea of saving us?"

Mazin Samarai, political scientist at Baghdad University, March 27, 2003



"The United States and United Kingdom are acting together in a noble purpose... And we're working to free the Iraqi people."

President Bush Jr., March 27, 2003


It was only yesterday that I exchanged few e-mails with Timothy Shire, editor of Ensign, and we expressed the understanding how the newspeak of the media talking heads is rooted in the lack of proper education and social concerns. We study history around wars and heroes, and we study science without a social context. Therefore, it is not a surprise that we cannot get along with each other.




Americans hail former secretary of state Henry Kissinger as hero while he is depicted as a criminal in Chile, Viet Nam and many other parts of the world. Fidel Castro is considered a hero in Cuba and many other parts of the world while he is depicted as a despot by Americans.
In a world of 'us and them' it is no wonder that our heros are their criminals.

tech war

As for science, we can understand that today's science is alienated from our social understanding as we experience an American High Tech war against Iraq, a war which is depicted as a computer game by the neo-con Bush&Co. as well as by their media talking heads.




Something is really wrong with the American crony capitalism, and the world is on the slippery slope to its destruction. It is my contention that the American crony capitalism is full of hypocrisies, and we are reaching the apex of this hypocrisy as the godly guided President Bush is spiraling a war of ecological and human destruction in the Middle East.




President Bush wants to liberate the Iraqi people at any cost; but what if the Iraqi people don't want to be liberated by the Americans?



it off

I remember when sometime ago I was expressing how important it is to think for ourselves, and in fact, we have a first responsibility to think for ourselves, before we think for others. In the case of President Bush, we have a compounded problem. How can he ever think for the Iraqi people if he can't even think for himself? So I have few words of wisdom for President Bush and his lap-dog British Prime Minister Tony Blair, don't get into the craziness of further and further destruction and human losses, and let us save lives, let us bring the invading troops home to their families, and let us work for peace together, and not by waging neo-con wars.

Mario deSantis

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