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The slippery slope of the neo-uber-alles Bush&Co.:
Recursive and pre-emptive wars by choice

Nipawin - Tuesday - April 1, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Don't worry about the Iraqis, it's the Americans you want to watch."

British Lieutenant Alex MacEwen



"America is a deeply hurt power which has... become very dangerous (and) which thinks that it must take over the whole Arab world"

Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt



I am really very upset about the fact that the roots of our social and economic predicament are camouflaged by our unwillingness to stop the rooted hypocrisy of business and political behaviour. I remember when at first I covered the health care and political scenario in Saskatchewan and when we came across the same problems we are experiencing today with the Bush&Co. administration: lack of ethics, autocracy, digging more and deeper holes in the ground. And yes, it is incredible, we cannot have clarity unless we come to understand that most of the elitist political and business leaders are a bunch of recycled obsolete assets.



war of

My experiences with Saskatchewan health, and with my understanding of the motivations of this war against Iraq waged by Bush&Co. I can come up with the overall societal problem we have today, that is another form of colonization being organized by the neo-uber-alles of Bush&Co. U.S. Senator Robert Byrd has stated that "this is a war of choice" that is a war which is not needed.




So we have a war of choice which has not been legitimized either by the U.S. Congress or the United Nations Security Council. Now that we are experiencing a war of choice, the wrong and illegitimate decision to invade Iraq is put aside and the emphasis is to raise more patriotic fervor at the expense of critical thinking and to support the Coalition of the Willing to take Baghdad in the midst of rumors of tragic strategic faults in the planning of this war.




We have seen this war presented as a war to liberate the Iraqi people and this war is shown on our TV as any other show, with commercial breaks and related popularity rating. We have a scripted world agenda as designed by the neo-uber-alles of the Project for the New America Century, we have a contractually scripted agenda for monopolizing the spoils of war before even this war started, we have a scripted President Bush as he declares unilateral war against Iraq, we have scripted and embedded lapdog media as a mouth piece of Bush&Co., and now that Lt. Gen. William Wallace has stated that
"The enemy we're fighting is a bit different than the one we war-gamed against"

then we have both

  1. another script for the war and
  2. the blaming game.

Does this process look familiar? It is called strategic planning, a strategy designed by the rational thinking of the theoretical scientists with given hypothesis and correct 99.99 percent of the time, as if, for example, we would be repeating this war experiment thousands of times beginning with Iraq, and following with Syria, Iran, North Korea and so forth.




The rational neo-uber-alles of the Bush administration are crazy people and no wonder that the world is more afraid of Bush&Co. than Saddam Hussein. These neo-uber-alles have been preaching a surgical war against Iraq hailing the dropping of thousands and thousands of precision bombs falling in Iraq, with a smaller number of precision bombs gone astray and dropping on civilians and other countries, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.




We must stop these neo-uber-alles madmen, and if we want to know the root of the Iraqi war it is enough to make reference to history rather than to the numbers of the brainwashing statistical polls.




History tells us that the neo-uber-alles of the Reagan administration assisted Saddam Hussein's regime in their chemical warfare against Iran so that oil would keep flowing from the Persian gulf. Don't believe scripted president Bush, don't believe scripted Reality TV, don't believe the embedded media, don't believe the statistical polling. Instead, believe yourself as you learn from history.




We know from history that U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld befriended Saddam Hussein in the early 80's and he helped Saddam Hussein wage a chemical war against Iran. Now Rumsfeld incites a quick war against Saddam Hussein, a war which is not just, which is not moral, which is illegitimate, and which has been re-confirmed as a war of choice by James Baker, former U.S. Secretary of State, very close friend of the Bush family, and an associate with the Carlyle Group of companies.



Mario deSantis

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