Nutty Bush&Co.'s world in a nutshell:
Synthesis of War & Free Market and Advertising & God

Nipawin - Friday - April 4, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"I see a parallel between the Bush administration's pursuit of American supremacy and a boom-bust process or bubble in the stock market."

Financier George Soros



''What we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States.''

U.S. Senator John F. Kerry




Timothy Shire, editor of Ensign, has introduced my article "Bush's illegitimate war against Iraq: a distraction to camouflage the connections Bush & Bin Laden & Carlyle" with these words:
"It seems that the picture of what is happening is coming together as there is a convergence as stories unfold revealing solid financial ties between the military complex, the so-call free market system and the unseemly behaviour of the leadership of the United States of America."
As I re-read Timothy's words I am thinking about the meaning of the words he has been using, convergence and ties, as to understand there is a current fundamental truth in the association or correlation between the military complex, the free-market and the unseemly behaviour of the United States of America. For me this is the truth. But I challenge the veracity of this truth from anybody else's by setting forward the following questions:


  • Would it be true that if you have an American war economy there would be a propensity to wage wars rather than peace? Just think about the corporative leaders of the military complex who would be making money by waging wars, and think of employees of any industry who would have their retirement savings invested in the military complex.



in Iraq

  • Would it be true that if you have an American war economy there would be the need of the present American Free Market to rebuild what has been destroyed by American wars? Just think about the way the rebuilding of the Iraqi economic infrastructure is being planned.




  • Would it be true that if you have an American war economy there would be the need of an American political leadership which would be advertising the liberation of people all over the world by waging wars? Just think about the present liberation of the Iraqi people.




  • Would it be true that if you have an American war economy there would be the need to have the protection of God? Just think about born again Christian Bush and his pre-planned crusade against Iraq.



Mario deSantis

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