The falsehood of president Bush and his media's three step program

Nipawin - Tuesday - April 8, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul"

The Gospel According to St. Matthew 16:26




As I am concerned, president Bush is more of a devil who brings destruction and loss of lives rather than an angel who brings peace and life. Yet, Bush camouflages his devilish soul with the clothes of a liberator, a savior of people. In a few words, Bush is nothing else but a liar, or better, a puppet dressed up and handled by his neo-uber-alles friends of the Project for the New America Century.




The conventional media, instead to informing and educating the public, they dis-inform and de-educate as they have become embedded partners of Bush&Co. The conventional media's public relations gimmick to dis-inform and to de-educate is found in what I have been learning for quite sometime. It is a never ending execution of this three step program:
  1. provide a minuscule truth (which at times can be just a plain lie)
  2. advertise incessantly this minuscule truth
  3. inflate this minuscule truth to become the statistically proven general opinion of the public.
It is for the reason to inform and educate our audience that we at Ensign have been trying to provide our thoughts; we have no three step program, just simple thinking in a world gone mad.


Lately, I have read two touching articles, the first by former US senator George McGovern, and the other by Canadian journalist Linda McQuaig. In the first article, McGovern describes
'the symphony of falsehood orchestrated by the Bush team... rejected by the UN and nearly all of the world's people.'
Further, McGovern thanks the publisher, the Nation, for the opportunity to express publicly his thoughts as
'major newspapers, especially the Washington Post, haven't been nearly as receptive.'

In the second article, McQuaig describes how the media has focused on the liberation of U.S. private Jessica Lynch as to become

'the human face of the U.S. [Iraqi] war effort' while it has ignored to recognize that 'Jessica is just a tiny cog in the massive U.S. war machine currently invading Iraq, with the stated goal of installing a former American general as military governor.'




I have no doubt that President Bush is a devil, a devil dressed up by his neo-uber-alles friends and covered up by the advertisement of his media's three step program.



Mario deSantis

  Pertinent articles published in Ensign
  McGovern, George 'The reason why' April 6, 2003 The Nation,
  McQuaig, Linda 'Now playing: Saving Private Lynch' April 6, 2003 Toronto Star


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