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Bush&Co. cannot export democracy as they are a bunch of hypocrites

Nipawin - Thursday - April 17, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"For the sake of the security of this country and for the sake of peace in this world, the United States must maintain every advantage in weaponry and technology and intelligence. Our edge in warfare comes, in part, because of the American spirit of enterprise -- great companies such as Boeing, great workers such as yourselves"

U.S. President George Bush Jr.



"The fact that the inspectors have not yet come up with new evidence of Iraq's WMD [weapons of mass destruction] program could be evidence in and of itself of Iraq's noncooperation"

U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld



not free

I have been saying for sometime that democracy cannot be exported, and that democracy is a dynamic vision for the freedom of expression so that we can become more intelligent. As such, democracy is not the Free Market of the American dollar as preached by the neo-uber-alles of the Project for the New America Century and, in a lesser degree, democracy is not the Free Market of the European Euro either.




Anyhow, the present Free Market and wars are coexistent as long as the American economy is driven by the American military industrial complex.




I just listened to a few minutes of President Bush's speech to Boeing's workers and my stomach began to turn over as President Bush thanked the blessing of American precision-guided weaponry for the quick American victory over Iraq.




This president is a devil as he put high technologies over people, and as he may be using his precision-guided missiles to decapitate political regimes all over the world.



now Syria

Now that Iraq has been conquered and that weapons of mass destruction have not been found, Syria has been put on notice as Bush&Co. are accusing Syria of concealing weapons of mass destruction.




I ask, what about American weapons of mass destruction? Since we are dealing with the Middle East, I ask again, what about Israeli weapons of mass destruction?




An aspect of democracy is to be less and less hypocritical, and therefore Bush&Co. cannot export democracy to either Iraq or to any other part of the world as Bush&Co. are becoming more and more hypocritical themselves. That is why the only way Bush&Co. can export democracy is by the use of their precision-guided weaponry.




Economist Paul Krugman debunks the republican compassionate conservatism stating that
"as the war began, members of the House of Representatives gave speech after speech praising our soldiers, and passed a resolution declaring their support for the troops. Then they voted to slash veterans' benefits."
And dealing again with American hypocrisy, a news release of the Bermuda Project states that
"at a time of soaring budget deficits, proposed cuts in veterans' benefits, and with the war in Iraq costing $75 billion and counting, corporations such as Halliburton, Tyco and Accenture, along with wealthy individuals, are costing the nation over $70 billion a year through offshore tax dodges."



no idea

Before we can talk about democracy we must understand hypocrisy, and President Bush has no idea of what democracy is as he and his neo-uber-alles friends are a bunch ('un fascio' in Italian) of hypocrites.



Mario deSantis

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